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If you ain't seen it, you can now.

God, I Love youtube.

Meet the crew, in festive form.

That's Adelle on the left. She thinks the camera is nice, because it's shiny and she's had too much to drink. The guy with the forehead in the middle is JP. And that's me, the plonker on the left with his head in the air - it makes my double chin look smaller. Yeah, right.

We're just one big happy radio family, aren't we?

Four seconds later:


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Tom and Katie are mismatched in height, a bit like me & JP:

I like to pretend I'm Katie Holmes.


the d...

Tenacious D called into the office today to plug their new movie and album "The Pick of Destiny".

Jack Black was great, with a cool t-shirt.

Kyle was overweight.

All's going well (!) for the new show.



We have a place of work! Ha ha! Those suckers in Today FM think we're working in here.

Our office is small, hot and not working.

A bit like us!

Meet Adelle. She doesn't like having her photo taken:

But I got her in the end!

I think I've found a new hobby!



So, what do you do when you're supposed to be working hard, getting your shit together for a new radio show that's set to start in a few days?

You play Xbox 360 baby!

I only got Gears of War last night but this game has changed my life. It's just that good. The only offputting thing about it is the heart-in-my-throat nervous feeling I get while playing it, which means I need to take nancyboy breaks every half-hour or so. Finally, it is nice to see a game that really shows what next-gen really means.

Hey to vicbarry, my new Gears of War Xbox Live! buddy. If you're on Live, my gamertag is "Ray Foley" - dur! JP doesn't have broadband yet, so he doesn't have a gameratag.



I think YouTube owe me a month or two of my life back at this stage.

When I grow up, I want to be this guy.

How cool is that?


one week...

Well, here we are: one week away from a new radio show, and I'm hungover to bits.

Working nights for two-and-a-half years makes it difficult to fraternise with colleagues on a regular basis, since they're off fraternising and you're presenter-ing on The Blast. So last night was really one of the first times I joined them for a proper piss-up, and God can they piss up! We were there since luchtime yesterday and finished up at midnight. I won't name names to protect the innocent, but a good night was had by all.

So, what's the story?

Well, we've finished on The Blast and the new show kicks off on the 20th of November. The new team comprise of me (obviously) JP and producer Adelle who'll be kicking our arses into shape. If you've been a regular listener to The Blast up to now, you'll have a pretty good sense of who JP and I are, but who's this Adelle chick? Well, she's been working in Today FM for years on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, and we worked together on it while I was filling in for Ian. We had a MASSIVE fight one day and from that point on I knew it was meant to radio-be. She's cool - you'll like her.

I've started a new blog to sort of finally bring to an end the Foley time on the Blast. I'd like to look back at the other blog as a kind of diary for what we got up to and what was going on with us for that show. But a new show needs a new blog, and this will be it. JP will have his own login as will Adelle, so you can expect quite regular updates and show bits to appear here from all three of us.

I'm not going to tell you what's coming on the new show, but I have a feeling you'll like it.

More - much more - to come.


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