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Arsenal match tonight on itv4. Wanna watch?

If you can decipher this text, go do it and let us know how you get on:

Go to system set up on ur sky box choose option 4 add channels frequency ghz 10.758 Polarisation V Symbol Rate Mbaud 22.O FEC 5/6 select Find Channels for itv 4

More here. CLICK!



  1. Honeymist said...
    Thanks Ray...!
    Ray said...
    Got a few emails to say this worked.

    Make a note of it for future reference.

    All the best,

    Loke Dog said...
    Thanks Ray. Ur a star*! I was wondering do you know of any more codes to get more channels? My friend has about 50 free channels by putting these codes in. Some quality one's too. MY e-mail is if u have. Or if u want u can post them up ere

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