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moans... if those phone people are pissing you off.

And here's that ntl letter:


I am emailing my sentiments to you as each time I try to ring I cannot get through. I am absolutely appaled at the way you conduct business and the customer service you provide.

Getting NTL in the first place was a struggle, but I hoped it would improve from there. Unfortunately I was mistaken. When I initially called to have NTL connected in my home, it took a long time to get through, and when I did, the girl hung up on me as she couldn't understand me. I tried to explain to her that I had just moved into a new rental property and wanted to sign up as a new user, but as the previous tenant had gotten NTL in the past she told me I couldn't before hanging up the phone.
I got through a second time, after using up a lot of phone credit, I was talking to a nice girl, who set up the account and provided me with a date for installation, which I noted in my diary. I also asked her the terms of the package, as she had mentioned as an introductory offer I would receive additional channels free for a six month trial, to see if we wanted to add them to the package after. I asked if this was a set price and she said there shouldn't be any change, yet apparently, your prices increased 5 days later.
When it came to the day for installation, my housemate took the morning off work as I was told it would be installed in the morning. I awaited the text message which never arrived. Later that morning, I recieved a phone call to tell me that my NTL would be installed the following day and was told that I had made a mistake, which I certainly hadn't, after jotting it down as the date was set. As a result, my housemate had to take the full day off work, unpaid, because of a mistake on your behalf and somebody arrived that afternoon.
We recieved no documentation on the terms of our specific NTL contract, my friend had to sign a piece of blank paper to say it was installed, and that was it. Later in the post I received a letter to confirm my direct debit details, yet it mentioned nothing about the money being debited in advance of the service being provided. I am not comfortable paying for a service which has not yet been satisfactorally provided, and to date, it has not been the least bit satisfactory.
Our NTL has not been working since Tuesday of last week and I have attempted to call NTL on numerous occasions, each time being put on hold for at least ten minutes. It is an absolute disgrace. As your freephone number isn't accessible from mobiles I have had to use a fortune of credit, as I do not have a landline to call from. I tried many times to get through, as have my housemates, and it's the same rubbish every time, the kind of appaling customer service you wouldn't expect from such a large company.
Then to my amusement I recieved an invoice in the post for services as far as the February coming. I am contacting my bank and doing everything in my power to block any debit being made from my account by NTL, as the service I signed up for has not been provided. If you have any queries you can ring me for a change on 086xxxxxxx.
Anna B




  1. Tommie said...
    shouldn't really have given out that o86 number now should you?
    Ray said...
    Just edited it out.

    Although it is out there in people's inboxes, since I got it from a few listeners today.

    Sinéad O Leary said...
    a terrible thing to happen and to think people are actually trained in 'customer service', i will definately not be using NTL after all the hassle anna had to go thru
    Unknown said...
    Anna likes her number to be given helps her pick up boys! Sur she has nothing better to do...she has no NTL lik
    Ray said...
    Here's an update for you:

    Anna got a phonecall today from NTL. I also got a call and my issues will be sorted tomorrow, I'm told.

    If it's all done and sorted that quickly, then fair play.

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