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Subject: Just A Bit Of Fun For Your Future

Date: 11/06/2007

Dear Ray Foley Show listeners,

This is an email from the past. We're writing this - with your help - a year ago. On June 11 2007. An innocent age, when people smiled more, the cartoons were better, and your euro went further. All going to plan, you are reading this email one year in the future, via the website

Today is Monday June 11th 2007 and we have just had the hottest weekend of the year so far. Highest Temperatures reached 27 degrees.

Some of the things that are happening in the world and in your lives were:

Paris Hilton was put back in prison after being let out for health reasons.

Fianna Fáil today contacted the Green Party to investigate whether there's a basis for new negotiations on agreeing a Programme for Government.

9 people are dead after 3 days of storms in Australia.

Big Brother – already in its second week - is well poor this year. They started off with an all-female affair to entice male viewers and now there are twins, 3 boys and a few other nutters.

The final episode EVER of the Sopranos aired last night in the US. No more Tony Soprano – EVER. How have we coped a year from now?

The Water in Galway is STILL contaminated, with fears it may continue for the summer and affect the upcoming festival.

Number one in the music charts is Umbrella by Rihanna feat Jay-Z.

Ray’s getting married in three weeks. Has Kate left him yet?

On the show today we talked about faking sick days in nice weather, Foley bitched about his hayfever. Again. TV shows (Arrested Development, Rescue Me, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Entourage) this email and how we hope we’re not fired 12 months from now, gave away a family trip to the Cork midsummer festival, played a funny song about Paris Hilton in jail. We talked about the word chuckle. And how it makes us chuckle. The new 2 euro coins and the picture with the pube in it. We said it was Adelle’s. Do we still have the picture?

And based on your texts, this is what’s going on with you:

I had my christmas dinner on saturday. lesley from ennis

Hey ray i got married,had a baby,cashed in my ssia and it was my birthday on sat!baz

I walked into my new house and saw water pouring from all the light fittings. Freaked out.

I met my sister i didnt no i had 4 48years

I separated from my hubby. Had a great weekend.

Ray, on saturday night i was one of the Roses in the Luxembourg Rose of Tralee, didn't win though! :)

Just got back from isle of man TT races 100 year anniversary races. Jon C. Dublin.

My girlfriend decided we needed a break for a while over da weekend .. Txt me next year and see if we get back 2 gether .!

Went 2 c Beyonce at d wkend. She rocked.

I went to Beyonce at the point saturday night. That was lifechanging! She was the shit,sickeningly stunning and unbelievably talented.

On a stag in liverpool back a 25/1 winner took over 8k out of the bookies happy days

I went to WWE Raw in the point and it was deadly however the hostel wasn't. Hello to me a year from now

Went shark fishing and lost half of my finger

I just completed the 4 Peaks Challenge at the weekend and today i'm very sore.. Wish i'd taken a sickey..ALAN

Quit fags this weekend and I'm feeling fine. Am starting working on reducing my big bottom. Jo in Cork

Hmm 2day i just finished with horrible maths..FOREVER! shelly in kilenny doing d leaving!

My 2 year old daughter won her first medal for running yesterday, as did all other toddlers in the race but proud none the less. Gerry-athlone

Made love at the top of bunratty castle. Unbelievable. Paul

We r collecting our house keys today and my partner debbie got a 1h in her exams results today, jamie and debbie

I found out on sat morning that i am pregnant. Getting married in july like yourself. Going to be bit tight in the dress but will def be worth it. Fiona in tipp

I spent the whole day yesterday making round bales of fecking silage Ray. How exiting ! From Alan in Co. Cavan. Love the show and keep up the good work

On the bus home to wexford i ended up sitting beside this amazing girl, we chatted the whole two hour journey home and we swapped phone numbers.

Foley, I'm planning on losing weight. I'm 21 stone and have a 57 inch waist.

Put this in the email... I requested the Galway girl numerous times but it was never played... Ever.. Ray foley ignored my texts every day last week...

I went 2 the cinema wit my sister 2 see pirates of d carribean. it was the last trip 2 the cinema wit her 4 a yr cause she's going travelling on wednesday!

Ray I’m gonna be a Dad! from Jay

We’ve kept all the numbers, so we’ll be catching up in a year. Hopefully we haven’t been destroyed by nuclear war, global warming, or aliens and you’re all reading this email safe and sound on June 11, 2008.

And hopefully, it’s still just a bit of fun for your lunchtime.

Ray, JP and Adelle (are we all still here?!)

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  1. Payters, Daryl Payters said...
    thats a brilliant idea, wish i was there for that show to send my text in! awwww

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