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update june 25...

That's a big head I've got!

Sorry about the lack of vid updates, but we're all a bit up-to-ones-breasts with stuff at the moment.

We're getting Journey back in the charts! Get on iTunes and download Journey - Don't Stop Believin'. It'll cost you 99c. Come on now, don't be tight. I want to hear Rick say I'm powerful again. Is he still doing the official chart?

Other stuff we did: change in your pocket after a piss-up - how does it get there? JP's PJ's - see pics below... and... other... things... I... can't... remember... but they must've been good right? Riiight.

Adelle's off, back again on Thursday. And I'm getting married next Thursday. Christ.

Go download Journey.



  1. JaY said...
    Ive only just gone and downloaded Journey.... I dont know why Im totally deluded with Ray & the gang but shor its all good laff anyway. "Journey for no.1"
    hee hee
    p.s. Ray I wanna prize ;)
    Paul said...
    Great show Ray and gang. just downloaded the song. Best of luck with your wedding
    Willie said...
    Tremendous work tryin to put journey back where dey belong, on top!first heard this song in new york last summer, every bar and pub played it, every nite we were out it came on,so obviously since its such a tune, the crowd of us that were out went buck rogers everytime it came on!i mean shirts off, dancin on tables, stools,bar counters, general debauchery!! brought d cd back home and started askin for it around dublin on college nites out, flannerys/coppers etc but no one knew it, now i see d cd in shops and hear it on your show, i knew it wud catch on!!crew of us from ucd let eachother know whenever we hear it, keep it comin,just wondering where ye heard it first?!!p.s 'any way you want it' is another classic
    sniffyboy said...
    journey what the hell?

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