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  1. William said...
    I don't normally listen to your show but I had the misfortune to be in a car during the week with someone who does and managed to catch your discussion on "the sopranos". RTE have just shown the third episode of the new series, yet you (masquerading as a "huge fan of the show") decided to hold a discussion on the merits of the last few episodes of the new series. You allowed a subsequent discussion involving callers that managed to give away crucial plot-lines and spoilers (including reading out a text from someone called JP or PJ or some stupid f**king culchie name that figured that the episode entitled "Blue Comet" was the final episode of the series).

    I am a fan of the show in question. I have also been downloading episodes because I had a feeling that my enjoyment of the final episodes of the show would be spoiled by someone like you if I waited for RTE to air them. You proved me right. You have absolutely spoiled the last couple of episodes for me. You are a child. I imagine from the few times I have heard you on air that you are obviously a damaged individual that was bullied severely at school. My god, man, grow up. Be a man and practice some discretion.
    Ray said...

    I'm both insulted and angry at your remarks, which was probably more your intention than actually tackling what I said in that particular show. Nonetheless, here is my response.

    Our discussion on The Sopranos didn't reveal ANY plot details or give away ANY episode specifics.

    As someone "masquerading" as a fan of the show, I know exactly how wrong it would be to reveal any of this. So I did not.

    You're clearly one of these people who hears the vague basics of what's going on, then gets suitably outraged by what you THINK you heard and complains. I'd say this is more than likely the case, since we don't generally take callers on-air for discussion, but you somehow heard them.

    To clear it up for you: There was NO DISCUSSION on the merits of the last few episodes. NO "crucial plot-lines" were even mentioned, and no callers were invloved!

    IN REALITY (you might want to pay particular attention here) the discussion we had went like this: I said the second-last episode of the Sopranos was aired in the states the previous week. Then a listener texted to say that they thought the episode just-aired, Blue Comet, was in fact the last episode. To which I replied that no, after the mid-season hiatus, the Sopranos was to return with eight episodes, seven of which had been shown on US TV, thus making the last episode the second-last. And then we played the theme tune.

    Crucial plot-lines?

    As for my maturity, schooling, my being bullied or my manliness: you're here at 3 in the morning whining over a TV programme. And throwing personal insults like that is hardly constructive or intelligent. You have no idea who I am.

    Next time, LISTEN with YOUR EARS and thanks for visiting the blog.

    nicelytoasted said... us all a favour...and tear this guy a new asshole on monday!!!!what did ya say ,6 hundred people view this blog everyday,pull the piss outta this cunt for everyone who actually LISTENS to the fuckin show PLEEEEEEEASE...Just for those of us who take the not homophobic or anything,but "williams" a FAG(ALTHOUGH QUITE WELL SPOKEN)

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