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Look what we're giving away this week!






I like:

Spotted it on Channel 6 this afternoon.


get lost...

Comic-con's a massive nerdfest/convention underway at the moment in the states. If you're an Entourage fan too you'll remember Johnny Drama heading back there - it's the only place on the planet where he's still famous:

Anyway, some new Lost video has come out of the convention, and damn if it's not hot. Just when you thought you couldn't be arsed watching the fourth series, this arrives. And it gives some credence to the theories we posted here some time ago.

Cool stuff though.


aw YEAH...

And I just spotted this on Richard's blog and thought it worthy of mention here also.

Uh, huh. Huh huh. Cool!

I had no idea this movie was in production, but I'm really, REALLY looking forward to it!



You've probably seen this a few times online already, but every time I see it, I just laugh.

Wouldn't you just love one?


Clare and Barry were our winners on the breakfast show this morning to come along to The Simpsons Movie screening at the Savoy cinema on Dublin's O'Connell Street.

Hear how they got on tomorrow morning.

And look who I met:

Yes, a plastic Simpson family!

Get in!


Was in the pub this afternoon with the yongfella when we spotted this beermat:

It's a noble idea from the people behind coke: if you're a designated driver, drinking responsible on the premises that night, taking two or more friends home, then you drink for free. Three times.

You may have seen it in your own local. A great idea, but my question is this:

Why is the the black guy the driver for the four white people?

I must say though - it's nice to see Simon Webbe getting the work.



Do these ads make you as sick as they make me?

They're the new Bank of Ireland TV commercials and they're totally, absolutely hideous.

It came on the other night when I was eating me dinner and I nearly couldn't finish my food. Nearly.




I can finally talk about it!

It's been ages since I watched it, but I haven't been able to speak about the final episode of the Sopranos because so many people hadn't caught up on RTE.

Well, I thought it was perfect - there's been some outrage in the states, suggesting that it was an unsuitable end to the best TV show in history (aside from The Golden Girls) but I thought it was brill.

More on the radio tomorrow from 12.

Be there from the beginning.


Lily Allen proves she's the perfect woman - she's got three nips:



Hi - I'm just in. Went to see Transformers:

And it was good! Even the small fella liked it.

More at midday.



Weight loss for dummies... click here


Hey Ray, JP & Adelle,

Just saw your photo of your MP3 Recorder/Taser on the blog. It also looks like the severed head of a Transformer - I have attached a photo to illustrate said argument.

Cheers, love the show!

Stephen, Navan

want one?

Forget your bobble-head Rays - these are the new must-have radio show accessory:



Ann from the D'arcy show says my mp3 recorder looks like a tazer:

The Cois Fharraige Festival takes place in Kilkee in Co Clare on the 7th, 8th and 9th of September:

We're live from it on the Friday - click here for the website.


As you may know, I'm on me holidays. I'm in a lovely place in Italy called Florence, where they have a lovely river called the Arno, and they have loads of lovely churches and art n'stuff.

Take this picture for instance:

On the left is a church, called Chiesa di San Frediano in Cestello, right on the banks of the river, on our way into the town. The beautiful blue evening sky, the river doing it's flowing thing. it's lovely.

Why not click on the picture and take a closer look at this area in particular, where a modern artist has been busying himself:

Here's the detailed image for you:

Ha ha! Well at least he's honest!

I'm very much looking forward to getting back to work on Monday and I'm really looking forward to seeing Transformers on Wednesday night.


The sun is shining, so is my car, how happy we are!

Live from a balcony in Florence, Italy:

Back on air Monday from 12 - talk then.


The My Chemical Romance lads love Ireland. It seems our teenagers don't, in fact, scare the shit out of them:


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Ah... Well thank f**k that's over!

First the wedding, then Oxegen, then home.

I need to say thanks to a few people:

We did the official wedding on Monday at the registry office, then headed south on Wednesday for the proper wedding-day-madness-thing on Thursday in The Brooklodge in Wicklow. What an amazing place - everyone that came said it was just cool. It was a brilliant day, so thanks a lot to the lads and lassies there who were great.

We partied hearty 'til the wee hours of Friday morning, then headed for Punchestown for the Oxegen show which was, if you missed it, the craic. Hopefully they'll let us do it again next year. Maudlins Hotel in Naas put Kate and I up for the two nights, and upgraded us to a suite! Frickin' cool! Adelle and JP were in The Osprey - and they were upgraded to the penthouse! Also frickin cool! So while I'm at it, thanks a million to the best hotels in Naas.

And a final thanks a million to our photographer for the wedding, David Cullen. He was a right laugh and made the boring bit of the day a lot less boring than we expected.

And a final final thanks a million and cheers to herself, for saying yes:


I'm married!

I'm in a hotel room in Naas - we're talking in your ear at Oxegen from 11am.


Meet Soundwave:

He's one of the seven crappiest Transformers ever, according to the funny lads over at - he turns from a human-destroying robot warrior into... a cassette deck.

With the movie due for release in a couple of weeks, check it out here to see the list of 'bots that didn't make the big-screen cut.

For more Transformers sexiness, see below:



I'm just in.

Perhaps it had something to do with my getting Journey back in the charts.

Perhaps it has something to do with my Spice Girls/Ace of Base/Will Smith appreciation.

Perhaps it's because Mick Stipe loves a bit of fun for his lunchtime, but the REM frontman decided to find out what it would be like to see what happens if you put two of the world's foremost genius's (genii?) in the same room of a Saturday night.

So there we were: me and Mick. Livin' the music and lovin' the life. And it was good.

Translation: I went to REM Live Rehersal at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin tonight. And then I went on to a nightclub where Timbaland was on the piss, and his bouncers tried to get us thrown out, because we were sitting next to him.

I wanted to go up to him and say "go shorty, it's your birthday - man I love your work" but Laura stopped me before I had a chance.

And this guy was there. So was this guy.

What a good night though.



So, it was a cracking, yet VERY civilised night. For some reason, we expected everyone to be sixteen and in longsleeved black teeshirts. But of course, REM have been around for years now and we've all grown up overthe last fifteen years. Andrea Corr was over in one corner. We were told (by Stipe) that Bono and Edge were there too.

Not exactly a teen crowd, which was nice.

So I was in the seated area, next to the lovely Laura. And we had two empty seats, because two members of our party didn't show. So, all the gang were to my left, then me, then two empty seats next to me, then the aisle.

A few songs in, a couple, both of whom looked like baldy Michael Stipe, sit down next to me. We don't mind, since the pair that were to join us obviously aren't going to make it at this stage.

REM are live, the booze is on tap, and I'm in flying form:

Until Laura nudges me, and tells me to take a gander at the pair next to me. For legal (and fear for my life) reasons I've blacked out and re-drawn their faces, but when I took the photo, the bloke - who was right next to me - was giving me a FILTHY look, while she was looking at the stage.

Not that that particularly bothered me: I get dirty looks all the time.

But look where his hand is!

The pair of them are just sitting there, not kissing or cuddling or anything, just nodding away to the music, and he has his hand FIRMLY on her boob. And he's not letting go.

It's like a mother breastfeeding. The attitude is: "yeah, it's me boob, and he's got a hold of it. So what?"

They were like that for the night, though they alternated boobs a bit.

It weirded me out. Is it me that's weird? Have I got issues?