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back to reality...

Ah... Well thank f**k that's over!

First the wedding, then Oxegen, then home.

I need to say thanks to a few people:

We did the official wedding on Monday at the registry office, then headed south on Wednesday for the proper wedding-day-madness-thing on Thursday in The Brooklodge in Wicklow. What an amazing place - everyone that came said it was just cool. It was a brilliant day, so thanks a lot to the lads and lassies there who were great.

We partied hearty 'til the wee hours of Friday morning, then headed for Punchestown for the Oxegen show which was, if you missed it, the craic. Hopefully they'll let us do it again next year. Maudlins Hotel in Naas put Kate and I up for the two nights, and upgraded us to a suite! Frickin' cool! Adelle and JP were in The Osprey - and they were upgraded to the penthouse! Also frickin cool! So while I'm at it, thanks a million to the best hotels in Naas.

And a final thanks a million to our photographer for the wedding, David Cullen. He was a right laugh and made the boring bit of the day a lot less boring than we expected.

And a final final thanks a million and cheers to herself, for saying yes:



  1. Seán óg said...
    Grandantor said...
    Ray Foley, you lil cutie. You are married...Cool.
    Your WIFE looked beautiful and you looked pretty spiffing!!
    All the best.

    In other news I am an avid listener. Journey man....journey.
    Oh f*ckin' yea!!!

    "Just a small town girl........"
    Shanachie said...
    Congrats Ray on the wedding enjoy the rest of your lives together.

    John from Reelgood
    David said...
    Foley there's no way you pulled her. She's too good looking for the likes of you :)
    Cathy said...
    Hiya Ray congrats on the wedding, kate looked beautiful.. hope ye hav a wonderful life together, yourself and JP looked very handsome:)
    Anonymous said...
    congrats ray now you can be like DR.turk in scrubs and j.p can be your second wife like j.d
    Alma said...
    are jp and adelle together?!!! say it ain't so!!!;)
    Jennifer said...
    Heya Ray, not sure how u managed it...shes a cracker! Best of luck to ye both!
    From a big fan!
    Nini said...
    Hi Ray,

    Just back from holidays and saw your pics. Concrats to you and Kate. Kate you looked fab. Yourself and JP scrub up well too Rayo.
    Had our wedding in Brooklodge a few years ago too and I have to say its the most amazing place to have your big day. Loved every second of it. Congrats again

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