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get lost...

Comic-con's a massive nerdfest/convention underway at the moment in the states. If you're an Entourage fan too you'll remember Johnny Drama heading back there - it's the only place on the planet where he's still famous:

Anyway, some new Lost video has come out of the convention, and damn if it's not hot. Just when you thought you couldn't be arsed watching the fourth series, this arrives. And it gives some credence to the theories we posted here some time ago.

Cool stuff though.



  1. Barry said...
    I don't think there's anything in thie Orchid video which proves anything in the original set of theories is true. I thought it was generally agreed they were the ramblings of an over-eager fan?

    In any case, this video (cool as it may be) won't necessarily make it onto the show either, but they do like to suggest stuff (as in the online Lost Experience, or the novel "Bad Twin") which might allude to something later on which does feature in the programme.

    As for the theories posted around the time of the finale... still bogus!
    squire23 said...
    Still the most pointless show in the world. Even Sunset Beach made more sense than it

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