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a kindred spirit...

As you may know, I'm on me holidays. I'm in a lovely place in Italy called Florence, where they have a lovely river called the Arno, and they have loads of lovely churches and art n'stuff.

Take this picture for instance:

On the left is a church, called Chiesa di San Frediano in Cestello, right on the banks of the river, on our way into the town. The beautiful blue evening sky, the river doing it's flowing thing. it's lovely.

Why not click on the picture and take a closer look at this area in particular, where a modern artist has been busying himself:

Here's the detailed image for you:

Ha ha! Well at least he's honest!

I'm very much looking forward to getting back to work on Monday and I'm really looking forward to seeing Transformers on Wednesday night.



  1. JaY said...
    Transformers is muck.
    Cathy said...
    looking forward to havin ya back on the radio ray lunchtime hasnt been the same without u guys:)
    Fulle156 said...
    Saw Transformers over here in NY last week. Phenomenal movie, blew me away. Action, comedy, cars, machines, hotties... it has everything the modern man needs.

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