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rapid eye movement...

I'm just in.

Perhaps it had something to do with my getting Journey back in the charts.

Perhaps it has something to do with my Spice Girls/Ace of Base/Will Smith appreciation.

Perhaps it's because Mick Stipe loves a bit of fun for his lunchtime, but the REM frontman decided to find out what it would be like to see what happens if you put two of the world's foremost genius's (genii?) in the same room of a Saturday night.

So there we were: me and Mick. Livin' the music and lovin' the life. And it was good.

Translation: I went to REM Live Rehersal at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin tonight. And then I went on to a nightclub where Timbaland was on the piss, and his bouncers tried to get us thrown out, because we were sitting next to him.

I wanted to go up to him and say "go shorty, it's your birthday - man I love your work" but Laura stopped me before I had a chance.

And this guy was there. So was this guy.

What a good night though.



  1. JaY said...
    So Ray parties with Timbaland eh!
    You should have told him who you were!!! You could have got his single to no.1!!!
    What club was it !??
    Niall O'Keeffe said...
    How about trying to get someone IRISH back in the charts next time, Rayo?
    Ray said...

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