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spider pig...

Clare and Barry were our winners on the breakfast show this morning to come along to The Simpsons Movie screening at the Savoy cinema on Dublin's O'Connell Street.

Hear how they got on tomorrow morning.

And look who I met:

Yes, a plastic Simpson family!

Get in!



  1. Gav said...
    you look a bit like sinead o connor in that picture.
    David said...
    Never mind the simpson's ray. Look what ya get if you search for adelle in wikipedia. (the second and third options) Has she something to share from her past.
    miyjoue said...
    David oh David, have you dirty dreams about Miss MacDonald? Crickey, that's something! Adelle, explain?!!!!

    (and not to mention the plastic Simpsons, I don't want to ask Ray any further on that! Happily married and jada jada, look at the Madge beaming on her surgical bums and yellow bananas!!)
    Ray said...
    Sorry lads, but it's Adelle McDonnell. But she'll always be our playboy bunny.

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