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update july 12...

The sun is shining, so is my car, how happy we are!

Live from a balcony in Florence, Italy:

Back on air Monday from 12 - talk then.



  1. Marie said...
    My car is shining too Ray, from all the flippin rain thats fallen on it over the last month. Blue skies and sun shining - rub it in why dont cha?! Anyway, hope yer havin a ball. Looking forward to Monday!
    JaY said...
    Enjoy it while ya can Ray....nothing but rain here :(
    ooooo and by the way put down the camera.... forget about the blog ... till ya come back of course!!! ;)
    miyjoue said...
    Bongiorno, that looks like a fetish honeymoon (chucklie) Must have been yer well deserved break in Romanland. Happy ur back, now don't you ever get married again héh! LOL

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