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So, just after yesterday's (Friday) show, me and the wee lad went to meet this chap:

That's Enrique Iglesias by the way. On the left. He's such a sound fella - not "ooh I'm famous" at all. The photo was taken in his hotel room just before we made sweet, sweet love*.

You can hear the most bizarre interview we've ever done with Enrique on Monday's show. That's 12 midday folks.

And don't we make a pretty boyband?

That's me, Pat (our YAS representative), Neil and JP at the You're A Star Auditions in Dublin this morning. We had such a laugh and I think we (as in, the show) have picked this year's winner. More on that on Monday too.

Yeah, 12 midday.


*we didn't. But I could tell he was tempted.


  1. JaY said...
    I see ye all like the same style jackets lads!!! Did ye get them on a discount!!!
    anto said...
    They all tried to get in as an A1 tribute act called A2 but Brendan O'Conner said JP was too small to be a pop star so they just let Pat go as solo act.
    ross said...
    spot on jay........whats the deal with the jackets...
    Peter Conway said...
    Foley More Video updates im sick of reading

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