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check out my bitch...

Meet Izzy:

For several months now my girlfriend (who's now my wife) and I have been trying to train our dog out of running off whenever she sees another pooch. It's a right pain, because in just about every other way, she's a perfectly trained pup: she sits, begs, makes coffee, etc, etc. But this has been a problem that just won't go away and we've been worried she might spot a dog, make a beeline for it, and end up under a car.

She has been improving lately but clearly not enough, because at 10 o'clock tonight the little bitch found herself under a car.

So Kate's in bits, I nearly passed out (Foley + blood = Foley on floor) and we're desperately trying to find an emergency vet last thing on a Sunday night. Thankfully there is such a service, as we found out on the voicemail of our regular vet: thirteen or so vets from around North Dublin pool to provide a 24 hour on-call service. The people on call last night were great: they're at the dog pound in Castleknock - a bitch (excuse the pun) to get to from where we are, but we didn't care as long as we got her sorted.

At this stage, she was quiet, but warm. She has a cut on her head - only small - another on her right front leg - again, only small - and a massive gash all down her back left leg. The bone in the leg looks OK, not broken or anything but then it's probably not a good thing that I can see it that clearly. It's totally exposed, and I'm totally pale. Nearly passing out.

So we get her to the vets, but they can't take us for a minute or two because they're dealing with another case. Grand, we'll wait in the car. Three or four minutes later a woman comes out, crying. She tells us she just had to put her dog to sleep.


Anyway, she's grand. No internal damage, no broken bones. But she's got damn all skin left on her rear left leg and if they can't get that healed, stitched or if it gets infected she might (they stress might) lose the leg. Pretty horrific stuff, but so long as I still have this throwing me dirty looks at half seven every morning:

(or half eight if I'm late)

Then I'm a happy man.


PS Apologies to the non-dog-lovers reading this. Own one and you'll understand.


  1. turkey said...
    ray youll need to get this situatipon sorted out. jus tell J.P by running over ure dog will not reinstate him as being ure bitch
    Marie said...
    Oh dear God Ray, I didn't know where that story was going. It was a bit like the chick lit challenge for a minute. Thank goodness Izzy is ok though, poor thing. Don't know what I'd do if anything happened my Lucy.
    flyover said...
    Hope all is well with Izzy. It's amazing what dogs can endure so I'm sure she will be OK.

    Now I have to ask is Kate your wife or girlfriend? If I were to refer to my wife as my girlfriend, I would be in need of medical assistance.
    Mike said...
    in the second pic, is that dog winking?!
    Eric said...
    i'm delighted to hear Izzy is ok!
    I know how much you can get attached to dOgs.
    I had a terrier for 14 years and about 6 years ago, had to put him to sleep.I couldn't get another dog as I would feel as if I was cheating on my first dog!
    Make sure your girlfriend(who is now your wife) and you give Izzy all the love you can and she will pull through coz luv conquers all!!!
    Fergal said...
    get one of them electro shock collars then when the bitch makes a run for it..... WHAMMO she'll soon learn!! of course it should be tested and tested and tested and then retested on J.P...... remember the ric waller singing while gettin shocked bit, could make some really good average radio!!!
    Joe said...
    My dogs name is Lucy too!

    Anyway, good to hear the dog's okay but have to echo what flyover's saying - the ambiguity over the wife/girlfriend? What's that about? Issues with the new level of commitment? :D

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