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electric pensioners...

You may remember us sending the two Eileens to Electric Picnic last week:

Thanks for the photos, ladies!



  1. sarah said...
    I want them to be my nanas!
    anzac1 said...
    Eileen Murphy is the best mum and nan you could ever have. We're proud of you mum. xxxxx
    from Steve ans Sam
    WhiteShark said...
    Hi Ray, JP and Adelle, I'm a future son-in-law of Nana Eileen Murphy. Ray, You have no idea how lucky you were to select those two for the Picnic. Complete ladies, but wild, wild, wild.

    Ladies, ye are amazing women and the whole country knows that now. I'll see ye on the 13th..

    lots of love.... Ken
    tammy said...
    hi everyone
    my name is tammy and eileen murphy is my mother... and i can honestly say these two woman are the wildest two you will ever meet.. there already planning a trip there again in two years as my sister is getting married next september... so next year will be missed.... sadly if ye think these pics are good ye should see their other 6 camera films

    loads a love tammy and kieran

    Leon said...
    does anyone know the website for the electric pensioners?? cant seem to find it anywhere!!
    RapturePonies said...
    i think i saw one of the gorgeous ladies!! they rock!

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