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just a bit more...

Hey Ray, Adelle & JP, You'll find attached pictures of me and my mates at The Marquee in Drumlish Bachelor Festival 2007 which was held last weekend in Drumlish, Co Longford.

Needless to say our TShirts were the talking point of the night, with countless people coming up to us, pointing at our chests and roaring "Ray Foley!" we even had 2 lads sing "ray foley, ray foley, adelle, jp and ray foley" at us!! Anyway, a brilliant weekend was had by all and if you'd like us to do any further marketing for your show we'd be more than happy to do so!!

(Pic 1 - festival 3- is Karen, Aisling, Rosemarie & Grace/ Pic 2 -festival 2- is Louise, Grace, Eimear, Rosemarie, Ann (showing the back of TShirts) Aisling Claire and Karen)


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  1. dennis said...
    hey ray look up this on youtube "Hey There, Delilah (My Version)" it should be the firstr one so fucking funny

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