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ray ray...

Check this out on the bebo page:

Although I know they're not on at 9.50, I'll assume you made an error and they were in fact about to say our line. Cool! A lot of people are doing it as it happens. My Dad calls me to tell me how people say it to him at work without even thinking about it.

Anyway, to repay the the favor and as a tribute, I'll be addressing the wee fella as JP-JP for the duration of tomorrow's show.



  1. tony said...
    maybe the Ray and JJ show! or Ray Ray and PP show!
    Joe said...
    And have flushing toliets as you tell jokes and other hilarious, totally original wacky sounds!

    I swear it's them!
    Ray said...
    Ah joe be nice. They're two funny chaps.

    Though I think JP and I are bit like that at times. "Dingo and the Baby! 97.1!"
    David said...
    Hey foley ya've even got d'arcey saying "naice". He was saying it one of the days last week. (sorry bout being ignorant using the surnames but there's too many Rays)

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