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Comment responses to my last update generally say "bring back the video updates". Well, I'm delighted to tell you... we're not bringing them back. Not yet, anyway.

Actually, the mathematics prove that the video updates weren't too popular. Around the time we dropped them (July), the site went stellar:

But we'll have a chat with Adelle next week and maybe we'll get a weekly one going.



  1. JJ_Irl said...
    “Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that.”

    Homer J. Simpson

    Need I say more? Do you not think that these results might be thrown off by the fact that you had more listeners than before and were (probably) mentioning the website/ blog more?

    Anyway, love the show, but thought the video updates were well worth watching too!!! But if you got tired of doing daily them then a weekly one would be great
    flaziola said...
    Never mind the video blogs. Bring back the PodBlast
    Ray said...
    Now THERE's a (pod)blast from the past! Remember them? Man, they were bizarre.
    flaziola said...
    Oh yes I remember them They are still on the TodayFM iTunes page. I was jsut listening to Number 12 where you talk about the brand New Xbox game HALO2.

    BTW These podcasts have NOT been tagged explicit by iTunes.
    bigtoeknee said...
    Ah jasus foley!! the video blog is a must... seriously!! so the stats are bollocks.. sort it out!! JP and Adelle come on... he's getting lazy!!! BRING BACK THE VIDEO BLOG!!!
    MMC said...
    as a big fan i really enjoyed the videoblogs and want them back,as it's your show it's up to you to decide, however i must say (your the funniest thing on radio) watchin jp and adellle squirm via the blogg makes my day, your brill keep it up

    Ps: drinkin while postin is a bad idea
    Joe said...
    Foley, as the post from flaziola has highlighted, you're always biggin' up Bill Gates' consoles. The X-Box bias could well alienate listeners. You need a Wii man. I can do that for you. (Nothing to do with the fact that I want out of Co. Cork)

    I have journalistic experience AND my name'd fit in the jingle.

    Ray Foley, Ray Foley, Adelle JP and Joey etc etc.

    Anyway. As mmc pointed out drinking and posting is a bad idea.

    A podblast return would be good though.

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