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the week that was...

So, how about an actual typed-in-longhand, written update? Yeah, instead of one of those "look at what I saw on YouTube" updates or "here's another picture of my dog" updates.

This was a pretty cool week actually.

We got an interview with Richard Dean Anderson! Yeah, McGuyver! Well, not quite so much an interview as a rugby tackle in the hallway after he was in with D'arcy, but we'll take what we can get. He was in town to talk about Halo 3, the console and game giveaway we're doing this week. Sorry, no pics. The battery in the camera was dead and I forgot about the phone.

Had a chat with Tay Zonday. Even though Opie and Anthony got there first...

We've got one spot at the You're A Star boot camp to give to one lucky (read: talented) listener. That might not seem like much the YOS-haters out there, but it's pretty special to be the only show in the country to get this. But be quick: you need to call 1850 715 102 and leave your audition voicemail for us before midday tomorrow. And don't forget your contact details. We'll pick our winner before half two!

Adelle's having a baby!

Kidding. She did get engaged though. Mucho congrats to herself and her bloke Andy (or Andrew as she calls him when she's drunk). They've been shiftin' for something like twenty years now, so it's about time in fairness. She's back next week by the way.

And mad old Monaghan racist Uncle Martin Maguire was in producing me & JP this week. He's a good laugh, but he keeps going on about some show he loves listening to at the weekend. Sad old fart.

Have a good weekend folks, and always remember, wherever you are and whatever you do: it' just a bit of you-know-what-for-your-you-know-what.



  1. Fergal said...
    i think its safe to say that we all want/need you to bring back the video updates. I miss those 3-5 minutes of pure comedy gold everyday!! Sort it Foley!
    Damien said...
    Come on Ray - act, you,'s MacGyver! You linked to his wiki page with the correct spelling and all.
    Not a real fan. And you got to meet him. Life ain't fair. *sniff*
    Marie said...
    I agree with fergal - bring back the video updates - they were such a giggle. Get your ass in action!
    JaY said...
    Yea Ray bring back the Video Updates.... You lot are a funny lot on the camera!
    Damien said...
    Hey, this is an external site - so Today FM is not responsible for Ray's crap, ok?

    Spelling errors will not be corrected.

    It's called a joke Ray
    Ray said...
    Eh? You've got me all wrong. I've been reading old updates and I've made loads of mistakes. So I put the addition to the disclaimer.

    I got the joke, like!

    anto said...
    Ladies, put your handbags down please.
    Ray said...
    No, I'm cool. Just don't want the guy thinking I was being a bollix. That is how you spell it, right?
    Horatio said...
    Hey Foley you shouldnt worry. He's a bit of a bollix himself. He's slaggin you off here
    and here
    look at his bebo. You should rip the piss out of him on Monday.
    Damien said...
    If you say it wasn't a dig at me then that's fine. Just a bit of a coincidence
    Ray said...
    Hi Damien,

    No - it wasn't - honest!

    I looked at those pages but there's nothing there.

    Video updates shall start again on Monday lads, but be warned: we're much fatter than we were a few months ago.

    Cheers & all the best,

    Marie said...
    Promises promises!! It is now wednesday and still no video updates!!! Whats the story??? Get yer finger out Ray!
    Damien said...
    Are you accusing him of touching your person? :o

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