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yootoob stuff...

Every time I play this song, someone texts us about this:


Here's that tune I just can't get enough of:


I just saw this over on Richard's blog and think it's the best. Ever.


And it's coming back for a third series! One-of-my-all-time-favouritest TV shows, "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" returns to US tellies for a third season tomorrow night the 13th, starring Danny DeVito and more. It's a great show and you can watch it on Channel 6.

But don't just take my word for it:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



  1. Mike said...
    if u want to see a GREAT daft punk video

    In LOVE with the girl in this!
    Mike said...
    oh my god! I found her!!! SHE'S IRISH!!! DIBS!!
    Mikee said...
    the best video i seen on there in a long time is this one:

    its obviously the way the plain white t's meant theyre song to go like...
    macpad said...
    class, didn't know that it's always sunny is back on the box tonight.

    Danke kind sirs.
    Jennifer said...
    Ida Corr vs. Fedde le Grand? Now would she be the lesser-known fourth Corr sister...the one who was shunned for her inability to over-apply eyeliner and play the tin whistle to a crap backing track?
    Damien said...
    Richard's Blog?Richard's Blog?

    On your VMA vid of Britney:
    Damien said...
    Leave Britney Alone -
    5:05 PM

    Ray, come on man. Get the finger out. Listen to your fans.
    Damien said...
    OMFG this is genius! Seth Green totally taking the piss out of that freakshow. Come on Ray - this gotta get me a mention :)

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