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That last blog post reads like a "What I Did For My Summer Holidays" primary school essay.

Why should you give a crap what I've been up to for the past four days? I barely care myself.

Today I'll eat some toast.

Should your DJ blog appetite be dissatisfied while we're off, click here for some great reads...


So, how are things?

How are you treating Phil Cawley and Adelle? If you're bold, I'll hear about it you know.

JP and I are on a week off at the moment but are dee-lighted to see we're still top of the podcast charts! Woo-hoo! Tell your friends - we're Ray Foley Show on iTunes.

So, what have we been up to while we're off? Well, on Saturday I was at my new brother and sister-in-law's wedding, then on Sunday we picked up the young dog from pet hospital, then it was me missus' birthday yesterday, and today it was doss day.

We're back in work tomorrow for an hour to do the podcast and the new vid update, then we're off to the pub.

Me & JP will look something like this:

Don't see a great night wasted!


Go and buy his DVD's - or a ticket to one of his gigs. He's live in Vicar Street from the 22nd November on.


From the bebo page:



Marie Osmond falls down - hard - on Dancing With The Stars:



Speedometer - Der Egobooster und Linenshooter

Bonnet - Pullnob und Knucklechopper

Windscreenwiper - Der Flippenflappenmuckenschpredder

Puncture - Die Phlatt mit Bluddyfukken

Learner - Die Twatten mit Elplatz

Air Horns - Der Votderhellsdat Klaxonfanfaren

Petrol- Das Kostlijooze fuer Geddinzegreesoffendertrousers

Motor Club - Der Meetinhaus fuer Tallvagenstories

Low Bridge - Das Makinggrossenbussen ein Singledekken

Breathalyser - Die Puffintern fuer Pistenarsen

Headlights - Das Dippendontdazzlebastad

Highway Code - Der Wipan fuer Arsen

Foot Brake - Der Edbangenonvindschreen Stoppenquik

Near Accident - Der Fukken Near Schittenselfen

Cyclist - Die Pedallpushink Pilloken

Traffic Jam - Die Bluddifukkink Dammundblast

Tyres - Flattfahrts

Fog Warning - Der Puttenlegdown und Fukkit

Gear Lever - Biggensticken fuer Kangaroochoppen

Exhaust - Spitzenpoppenbangentuben

Juggernaut - Der Fukkengrett Trukken

Backfire - Der Lowdenbangenmekkenjumpen



Journey, Johnny Cash... is there anything we can't get to number one?

Get onto iTunes and do a search for "Ray Foley Show" (no "the" - don't ask).

It's actually surprisingly good.


how now...



Well here's Foley PPI! (at least you will be after tonight!!!)

Foley, ya legend ya.. Best of luck tonight, not that ye need it. Best radio show by a country mile.?Say hi to Adele and JP...

I'm off to photoshop JP as higgins for your commerative t-shirts...?

Love the show,

Say hi to Ross, Brian and Paul in Cube Printing Limerick...


Here's that Facebook song we've been on about:


Top county on

My hole!

KC has been manipulating the chart for the Corkonians, so I'm out to fly the Mayo flag.

So, If you're a Mayo person (hey, even if you're not), get on here and get to work.

Good luck.


Some of you think JP's on page 20 of the current Aldi catalogue:

Wrong! That dude is way better looking than the wee fella.


In the absence of a podcast (not our fault) this is the return of our ugly mugs, with an all-new format:



Here's Keith:

That's him on the left.

He's dressing up as me for Halloween. His two mates are gonna be Adelle and JP.


A.M. made this:

We're both very happy.


I made this!

And after:


Funny stuff:

Family Guy did a tribute too search for that here...


Lads, fair play.


I forgot to show you this pic I took in the Radisson Hotel in Stillorgan last Friday night, when we went to meet Enrique.


We got an email from James, the lucky sonofabitch:

Congrats Foley... you've made it onto my spanking new iPod Touch:

(sorry it's a bit blurred) James

James, you've managed to devalue your sexy piece of mp3-playing machinery by about three hundred euro.

We're starting an all-new podcast next week. We're gonna call it The Ray Foley Show Podcast.

Original, eh?


A PPI radio award nomination!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to (unconvincingly) wish all of the other shortlisted shows the very best of luck - but we'll do whatever it takes to win this thing... yeah, even that.


Gerry Ryan's gonna EAT ME! Aaaaaagh!

This massive picture of Gerry Ryan's head is next to the Point Depot at the moment.

He's one sexy-faced man.


Click here to see that girl laughing...

And here's what she was laughing at:


go jerry...

Seinfeld! Working again! Oh, 'tis a happy, happy day!

By the way, the complete seasons 1-9 box set of Seinfeld is out next month. Put it on your xmas list now!



Showed up to work this morning:

JP had the same idea.


So, what can't we get to the top of the charts?


It's a gold disk!


I want to be a panda:

Now that's the craic.


If you do nothing else today, get onto iTunes and download The Eamon Lowe Show Podcast.

It's good. It's funny. It's not racist uncle Martin in a cheap suit.

So download it. And then subscribe to it forever more.

Let's knock that upstart Dempsey off the top spot, eh?


What does that "see photos of him" line under my profile pic on bebo mean?

Well, at least I clicked on it.

And here's a picture of the perfect car, taken by Donal Williams. Move your mouse over the radio.


John wrote:

Let me confirm the problems with Eircom routers.

When shipped, Eircom routers come with wireless access enabled by default, and protected by Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). However, in order to make the setup easier on peoples computers, this WEP key can be derived from the SSID (which is the identifier for wireless networks).
This SSID is what shows up when you show available wireless networks in your area.

The Eircom SSIDs are of the form "eircom1234 5678" where the digits are different for each router. However, with access to these digits, you can get the WEP key that's used to protect the wireless network, and join it yourself.

This basically means that anyone within range of your wireless router can access your wireless network, allowing them to use your broadband to browse the internet (consider someone downloading child pornography using your broadband connection to see how serious this is), or to poke around your network and the computers you own (introduce viruses, trojans etc.).

The fix is easy - using your browser browse to (the default IP address the router has), click the "Wireless" link on the left, and change the Wireless ID (SSID) from the default Eircom one to something else (it can be anything). You'll have to change it on your
computer(s) too to access the network in future (that's left as an exercise for the user!).

And Kevin adds:

Hi Ray,

John has given great advise and has addressed the security issue with Eircoms Netopia Routers. However, I would like to bring to your attention this blog post regarding the security issue:-

As you can see, they are discussing the security issue and the solutions to it. John has suggested just chaning the SSID, but to be honest - more needs to be done. Eircom say to change the password, but thats not the best advise either. The blog post gives detailed information about the problem and the best ways to address it.

When you read the article out, you were discussing about adding the password on the router. Thats good advise also - as all routers should be configured by the owner so that they have a new SSID and password. You might want to take a read of this article, which shows what can happen if you dont follow your advise at all;

Hope that helps.

Thanks lads.


Harsh, but funny:


Brian just emailed me this - it's what the video maker calls an Iraqi speed bump.