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I'm in New York with my wife. I couldn't tell you I was going on holidays because it's a surprise for someone. I'll tell you all about it when I'm back on the radio. But enough of that.

Check. It . Out:I'm nominated for a meteor award. "Best National DJ".

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Click here to vote. For me.

As I was reading down through the nominees on Thursday it was beginning to read like the Today FM schedule. That's because it was the Today FM schedule. Ian Dempsey, Ray D'arcy, Meself, Tom Dunne. Two other lads were thrown in as well from other stations. No girls, which I think is a pity.

I'm told the night is a good laugh so it should be something to look forward to. Unless D'arcy wins. AGAIN! Ah no, best of luck to all nominees. Especially Ian, Ray, Tom and me.

Expect much shite-ing on about it from Monday 10th December at midday.


Wait for the bit where Kee' Duffy is lying out on the table. Classic.


Fair play to M&S for their Christmas advertising - last year they had Shirley Bassey doing "Get The Party Started" and before that it was that big one with all the celebs in it, and this year is even better:

They don't make 'em like they used to, eh?


Just brill:


We played the music from this today:

Remember that ad? Class.

The song is Felix - Don't You Want Me? From around 1997/98. I think. The original is, of course, older than that.


Remember Brian McDevitt? The dude who sent in a cheque for a euro? Yeah?

And I said I was gonna surprise him by actually cashing it in? Yeah?

Well, he's gone and stumped me.

We got these pics in the post this morning, where Brian shows us how he cleared out his account before I would have the chance to cash the cheque - FOR A SINGLE EURO!

Brian writes:

Here's a picture of me on the way to the bank:

And here's another of me withdrawing all the money in my account so the cheque might bounce:

Here I am again, this time stuffing all the money under my matress where you cant get it:



Remember my appeal to get all of our 32,000 new listeners to send in a euro?

This arrived this morning:

But turn it around:

99c? You're a penny short, dude.


So. Hung. Over.


JP says he's really sick today - then Peter in Cube Printing spotted this in the newsagents:



We're one year old!



mo' emo...


Does a wee man hang himself in the background?

From Wikipedia:

Regarding the 1939 wizard of oz film, there's an urban rumor of a suicidal munchkin actor who hanged himself during the filming of the we're off to see the wizard song with the Tin man, which suggests that his actual suicide can be seen in the background of a shot.

The rumor is as false as it sounds, with the munchkin actors not yet on set, and the shadowy figure actually a crane.

More here...



I don't like to blow my own horn. You know that.

The listening figures came out today and a mate of mine sent me on this article in the email post web.

Now, if you listen to my little show on a regular basis, you'll know I'm not an egotistical w**kbag, I'm not into myself, or how bloody good me and my team are. Right?

Which means it's very out of character (no, seriously it is) for me to show you this:

But wait, there's more.

Are you 16? 19? 21? 26?

Gerry Ryan?

I'll be blowing like a loon tomorrow from 12.

He he... I said blowing.


Here's your latest exciting instalment:

And here's the link to Human Giant. Funny lads.


Check it out - we got an email in saying the egg would cook after 65 minutes between two phones calling one-another.

JP was so confident it'd happen, he said he'd smash the egg against his balding noggin.



Cooking an egg with two phones:


For a blantant cash-in-quick, I think this ad's pretty sweet:


Call me pedantic, but if you're about informed, authoritative presentation of the news, the least you can do is check your grammar.

I have a headlines feed on my Google front page ( that shows me the latest news. One story caught my eye just now: Three Years For ATM Thief. The story's about a guy who nicked 71 grand but he was caught on CCTV.

But the journalist can't decide if the guys been given three years or being given three years:

Call me pedantic.

Be of having a gud weekend.


Who's the Walkers Crisps chick that does our jingles?

It's foxy Emma Ledden - here she was at Oxegen a couple of years back:


They didn't by the way.


Toys 4 Big Boys is on in Dublin this weekend, so if you're a big boy (like me) and you like toys (like me) click onto their website here...

Al and I went on over to the RDS yesterday as they were setting up, and had a muck about with some of the cool cars:


Which means it's time for another, ahem, "exciting" video update!


Hey Ray...

No wonder you had you're money checked today.. Twice...
I heard there's a few of these floating about....
Stop trying to offload your old dodgy Irish tenners...

Smell ya later

Peter and all the lads in Cube Printing Limerick.

Seinfeld is such a ledge.

Yes, a ledge:

He's been promoting The Bee Movie on Larry King:


What kind of people spend their time watching people falling down? ON ICE?

We are those kind of people. Maybe you are too:



I'm supporting Enrique tonight.

I don't mean cheering him on, I'm DJing before he appears on stage. And I'm bricking it.

We're a lot alike, he and I...



I've started playing around with google docs because I'm thinking of buying one of these and apparently I can upload documents from it direct to the blog.

That's pretty cool.

But I have nothing to upload to see if the thing actually works - except this "hilarious" biog of me.

Though it may not always show, Foley’s been working in radio for years. He did his first ever bit on the DJ For A Day Competition, 1997 hosted at the time by one Tony Fenton on The Hotline! Wow! Cool!

From Ballina in County Mayo, he was born in 1980. He lived in Mayo and Galway as a child and went to college in DIT in Dublin, where he met his best mate, JP. He has one brother, Morgan. He lives with the lovely Kate in a terraced house in North Dublin city and has a dog, Izzy.

Ray met producer Adelle McDonnell while filling in on The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show during the summer of 2006 and together they knew they could never work together. They’re not working together to this day, along with JP.

And look! Here's a picture of Huey, Al and Adelle!

Well? Has it worked?


Stick on your headphones.

Back on air Monday from 12!