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Happy Christmas, one and all.

Thanks a million for listening to the show over the past year, for reading this page and for... just being there, y'know? I love you guys.

Cheers and have a happy new year.


PS - we're on the radio from 3-6pm today, Christmas day. Recorded, like.

Tony sent this in. It's funny.



Does re-writing someone else's stuff count as a proper post?

Sorry lads, but I've been up to me preverbials all week.


Adelle nearly wet herself when she spotted this in the paper yesterday.

Who does this dude, celeb chef Richard Corrigan, look like?

Answers in the comments please...

EDIT: Yes, it's me.



So here's the Gadgets we were talking about on the show today - all very cool and a nice substitute for those *%&$£$* Wii's... (Still, if anyone finds one, drop us an email!!!

  • Ez Vision Eyewear
    • These puppies are € 220, a bit steep, but WOW! Pop on these glasses come earphones, and you get a 50 inch screen projected onto your eyes - so you can chill on a long jounrey and watch a movie... and probably get mugged. Check them out at
  • No Iphone? Get this!
    • Sony Erricsson w910i is a very tasty little Sony Walkman slider phone, with 35 mb built in, a free 1 GB card included (but it will take up to 4 GB). But coolest of all, it lets you change the track by just shaking it! check out the details here
    • €375 from sim free
  • Butt Kicker
    • This thing rocks! Totally pointless, but so very cool... Stick one of these things in your sofa or attach it to your computer chair, plug it into your XBox or PS3, and it vibrates with every gun shot, gear change, or swift roundhouse kick you make... it also works with dvd players and surround sound, so you can literaly FEEL the movie...
  • Sling Box!
    • Watch your home TV, digital or otherwise, from anywhere in the world on a laptop or phone with an internet connection. From 150 euro, from
  • Jack Bauer Watch
    • This definately goes in the "Stuff you dont need but REAAALLLY want" file... Special ops in america have special watches that are waterproof etc, but you can also use it to signal Helicopters and planes from a mile away... Do you need it? no... Will you buy it? of course... Get it from MTM
  • Alarm Clocks
    • Keep hitting the snooze button? Well you'll have to chase it around the room! Check out CLOCKY here – Around €60
    • If you can run fast, get the version with the little helicopter... When it goes off, the helicopter flies off, and thealarm WONT SHUT UP till you find the bloody thing... Check out the Flying alarm Clock here – Around €30
If you're buying, I'll have a PS3...


Phunky Phone Boi Al

Today's "Rate My Santa" Santa is in St Stephen's Green Shopping Center:

Ho ho ho, indeed.

Rate My Santa Score: 30


Oh, this is a good 'un:


Our first Santa is Cleary's:

He was great!

Rate My Santa Score: 31


It was a dirty dark evening in New York, and the wind was blowing a gale. It was freezing cold, around minus four degrees, and we're walking past Abercrombie & Fitch.

This lad is standing inside the front door - WITH HIS TOP OFF!!!

Yes, that's my wife stood next to him. She didn't even realize I was there.

Enjoy, ladies.


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085 711 44 44

Do it for the children.


It's hard to believe it's been a year since we started on the new show, but you'll remember - a whole twelve months ago - I started downloading what was then this great new show called "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip". Yeah?

It was the new programme from West Wing creator, Aaron Sorkin, and it was going to be the business. As it happened, there were a few moments of his previous brilliance, but too few to sustain a full season - which is why it was eventually dropped:

Remember me telling you how I cried like a girl when I'd watched their Christmas episode? It was a plot featuring a situation where the show (in the show) producers had to hire several out-of-work musicians because their own in-house musicians were all calling in sick. They were calling in sick because the out-of-work musicians were hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans and they wanted them to get the work.

They played the most gorgeous, soulful performance of O, Holy Night, and I - ashamed and all as I am to admit it - had a wee cry.

And there was some luvvy-duvvy stuff going on too but I don't remember that.

Aaanyway, to make a long story even longer, the mp3 of the lovely lovely jazz music is available for download HERE (right click save as...) or go to the the Tipitina's Foundation (for Louisiana's music community) website HERE.

It's that time of year again, so I'll play it at some stage this week.


30 rock...

Here's a few random pics from one of the coolest buildings in the world:

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They're just taking the mick now:

I'm back in Ireland by the way.