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The Social & Personal 100 Sexiest Irish Men issue is out:

What. Tha. Faaaak?

In no particular order, I'm sexier than:

Kevin J Ryan
Wes Quirke
Emmett J Scanlan
Michael Lyster
Brendan Keary
Barry Geraghty
Synan O'Mahony
Mark O'Keefe
Emmet O'Neill
David McWilliams
Desmond Fitzgerald
Paul Costelloe
John Fitzpatrick
Richard Hartmann
Gavin O'Reilly
Eddie O'Sullivan
Alan Shortt
Michael Barry
Dave Duffy
Van Morrison
Matt Cooper
Eoin Higgins
Peter Devlin
Jamie Dornan
Gavin Ingram
Micheal Martin
Alan Keville
Simon Arnold
Jordan Bourke
Andrew Fowler

But not as sexy as:

Neil Hannon, Mundy, David Agnew, Ken Doherty, Kee' Duffy, Mark Little and a few others.

But the coolest bit? Being number 69!


A number of people have asked for some snaps of the little big gig on Tuesday afternoon.

They've only been filtering through today, so here they are:

More pics to follow tomorrow.

We've had a great reaction to it, which is cool.

Watch this space for more announcements on future RFS Live Lunches and how you can be there too...


I'm just back from watching Cloverfield.

I'll tell you all about it on the radio tomorrow, but before I saw it, I laughed at reports people were getting sick watching it. Half an hour in, and I wasn't laughing anymore. And I was in the back row!

About an hour in, a seriously manky thing happens, which throws it all into vom-overdrive.

With the gore, the car-sickness and the lights, I would've left, but for the fact that I knew I'd fall down the steps on the way. You'll spend a lot of the time looking at your lap while you fight the dizziness. I VERY nearly chucked up and I may have passed out a bit.

But it was an ok flick.


The webcam on my new laptop is shite.

The image is ok-ish, but the sound sucks because the mic is next to the hard drive, which is clicking and fan-whirring all the way through this:

And the podcast is coming soon! Jebus, get off my back!


Not good!

I have a podcast ready for you, but I can't upload it til Monday morning. So, get into iTunes, subscribe, and you'll get it first thing next week.

Please accept my most humble and sincere apologies, and accept some kisses and hugs in place of your Friday bit-of-fun:



Listen to the first seven seconds of the new song, "Mercy", by Duffy:

Are you a fan of mid-to-late-ninties dance music? Will you please tell me what that sample was used on?

I'm going through all my minidisks from that era and nothing. In the tune (the dance one, not Duffy's) it builds up into a crescendo of strings. It's not Yomanda. It's not Mighty Dub Katz - but it's from around that time.

Please. I need to go to bed.


UPDATE: It's Blue Adonis - Discocop. I'm such a saddo.



Don't you just hate it when people mix up their punctuation marks! It's just so annoying?


I just got this picture message from Chris, a mate of mine.

It's after one in the morning! I guess he really wanted to show me his ghee.


My apologies for the lack of updatery, folks, it's just that I'm not spending as much late time in work this month. I'm off trying to get ripped. All is going pretty well with Dave, my personal trainer. He's a legend.

What I have been experiencing though, are MAD headaches. And I don't mean headache. I mean THE MOTHER OF ALL HEAD PAIN! I just cannot find the words to express how sore it is. Like "owwwwwwww!" just isn't enough.

It started on day last week during a weights session, but it wasn't that bad.

Then in my next session (yesterday, Monday), it got a lot worse. So bad in fact that I had to stop working out. The lights felt like they were blinding me, so I went home, took some pills and went to bed. I was grand the next morning.

The next day I went back to the gym. Warmed up, but as soon as I started to lose my breath, like really get into it, the headache was back and worse than ever. Dave was cool - he's a smart guy - he said to give it a rest and head to the doctor to get checked out, which I did.

Doc says cop on, there's nothing wrong with me.

For background, I'm eating well (as in, plenty and healthy up to an hour before workout). Dave's been very sensible and doesn't have me over-doing the weights and stuff. I'm getting plenty of water. The really weird thing is I can only feel it when I'm a little out of breath, as soon as the exercise kicks in and I'm working out.

Maybe my body is telling me to stay fat. I have never been fit. Maybe I should listen...

I know a few thousand people read here on a daily basis, so if you're a gym-fan with some light to shed on this please, feel free to get in touch.


Can you believe Adelle is in Central America?

I think it's mad, Ted.

We're really looking for your help with the Today FM Trocaire fast, which is happening on the 22nd and 23rd February. Look, we know it's a pain, we know it's a lot of work, and we know you don't wanna do it. But it's worth it. Seriously worth it.

Also, if you're a lazy arse like me, you can do something else! Click here for more, or text FAST to 51727.

We really want this to work, and if you're a regular listener, you'll also know we don't do this kind of thing a lot, so if you do this for us, we won't bug you with anything else like this til next year.

Adelle sent us a few snaps:

Adelle visits the new building. Who knew the south-side was that sunny?

Listen to the show for updates on how she's getting on, or drop that text off to Trocaire.



Vote for our culchie brother:

Even though he smells like sheep.


We're not a very "You're A Star" kinda show, but we'd like to see this guy win it:

See his website here...


This is late because my memory card in the camera went all wonky.

But you'll agree, it's been worth the wait, no?



Here's that Cam'ron "song":



This story is one of those that begins as a laugh and is starting to develop into something far more sinister.

We were talking about him earlier today - that Australian kid who had a blowout party:

So he's been on the run ever since, while doing tv and radio interviews, getting famous off it. It would appear the Australian (and international) media assumed he was on the run because he was scared of what his parents might say or do when he got home, but there have been further developments.

It seems that the guy (who NOW can't be named for legal reasons, even though he's been on just about every media outlet down under) has been arrested, and is being questioned in relation to child pornography charges.

What the hell kinda party were they throwing?


There's a wet stain on my couch:

'ol Steve Jobs has this evening been announcing yet another must-have apple gadget. A damn sexy laptop. More here.

Imagine buying a sexy Sony laptop in New York a few weeks ago, and then this thing gets released? Wouldn't you just kick yourself?

Yes. Yes you would.



Ray, JP, Adelle et al.

Happy New Year!

I was intrigued last evening on the news with the recent shenanigans with Nicolas Sarkozy, then watching Sky tonight I saw Robocop with Ray Wise (soon to air in Reaper, by my favourite director/writer/actor Kevin Smith) I saw that there was an uncanny resemblance, they could share the same gene pool!

Then I just contemplated this a bit more over a bottle of Cabernet Shiraz, and RyanAir flights came into the fray and found the missing sibling, Michael Ryan... the triplets?

Well, you decide.


Mike O'Leary:

The Devil in Reaper, Ray Wise:

Nick Sarkozy:

Hmmm. I see it a bit Irene. A bit.

By the way, a "friend of mine with the internet burned off a couple of episodes" of Reaper for me. Is it on Irish telly yet? It's good. And Smith is great. Have you watched the evenings with...? I imagine so.

For those of you who ain't Kevin Smith fans, check out his lectures/Q&A's - not for the faint of heart:

And for those of you who ain't heard of Reaper:



We're listed under "comedy" in iTunes. That in itself must be the joke.

For more stuff to laugh at, try the podcast. It's Friday, so a new one is online now. Just subscribe and it'll whack itself into your podcasts folder, from where you can do with it what you will.

You never know, you might like it.

That said, you might like the clap or castration. You never know.

Have a good weekend. Try to avoid gonorrhea. And castration.



The lovely boys The Flaws were in studio today. They performed Sixteen, which you can hear on next week's podcast.

They're nominated for the Choice Music Prize AND are up for TWO Meteors. For more, text VOTE to 086 711 44 44. You can vote for me there too, but I don't wanna go on about it.

The album is called Achieving Vagueness and you should probably buy it.

The Flaws live dates in February 2008

Fri 8th Chasing Bull, Bundoran

Sat 9th McHughs, Droheda

Thu 14th O’Keefes, Clonmel

Sat 16th Spirit Store, Dundalk

Thu 21st Cyprus Ave, Cork

Fri 22nd Backroom Sessions, Lantern Bar, Navan

Thu 28th Seamie McKennas, Monaghan

Fri 29th Dolans , Limerick

The Flaws live dates in March 2008

Fri 7th Electric Avenue , Waterford

Sat 8th The Stables , Mullingar


There was a bloke in my class in secondary school called David Jordan. I don't think it's the same guy. He wasn't black in school anyway:

I like it. It's different.

It'll be on the show today.



Here's an old pic of me & JP:

Tom writes:


I couldn't stop giggling when I saw this picture of you and JP - U gotta give me some credit...

Tom in westport

Tom, you're a bollix.



... to Papa Smurf?

Well, since the gang broke up and everyone went their own way in the 1990's he's been living in California!



Just say "Oh, I'm hoping to buy something really special for my girlfriend".
Clicky for the linky...


How are we today then? Good? Happy to be back at work? Good stuff.

We started two new features on the show this week: Ask Raymond and The Flute of Truth. They're sortof like, works in progress. Eh Yeah OK is back at half one every day and is as good as ever.

We're giving away 3000 euro on Friday in association with the all-new Foundry nightclub in Carlow.

I'd like to say a very special hello to my new friend, Simon Fleming. He's a whizzkid when it comes to recording telly on your PC, whereas I'm a moron. When it comes to recording telly on my PC. So he's been helping me out with it for the past few days. I know he's an interweb nerd too, so there's a fair chance he's reading this. Hey Simon.

We'll have a vid update for your poor eyes to feast upon tomorrow, featuring our fat, post-Christmas asses. I think it'll still be better than the last one we did. Excited? Nope, didn't think so.

Happy flippin' new year!


Here are some "toons" we're liking this week. Because I can't think of anything else to write about.

Nickleback's new one:

The Feeling's new one:

Feist's new one:

And Newton Faulkner's new one. Which is actually an old one. Clicky.


Clicked into iTunes music store this morning, and what's at number one in the downloads?

What's that about?