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See the marks under my eye?

People have been asking me all day who it was that gave me the black eye. It was the dog. Bitch attacked me while I was still in bed yesterday morning.

Good news: the podcasts are coming back! The bad news? They're not coming back 'til Friday the 18th of April. So you'll have plenty of time to get your breath bated for their return.

The fact is, with the move and all going on, we've more been trying to do the day-to-day rubbish of broadcasting a daily show properly more than sticking a podcast or vid update together, but now we're fully settled in, we'll be back online with an exciting new sound on the 18th. Trust me, it will be worth waiting for. We've called the painter/decorators in, and they're doing an amazing job.

We're giving away a rocking South American 16-night holiday for two this week in association with 7-UP Free - it's dead easy to enter, so listen to the clues at half twelve every day for your chance to win.

In other news, I'm going on holidays next week. To the Canaries, where they have sunshine and cheap booze. Heaven. Phil will be on, so play nice. Adelle and JP will both be around, so you shouldn't miss me too much/at all.


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Peter's a genius:


So JP's bought himself a new "fashion" leather jacket.

After much pointing and laughing from myself and Adelle this morning, we took a couple of pics for you:

What do you think? Hit the comments and let us know.


Remember my family emergency I shared with you back in September? When herself got run over?

Not the missus, the dog.

Anyway, she seems to be back to full health again after much surgery and recuperation - and hard work on the part of the geniuses (genii?) at UCD Veterinary Hospital where she's become something of a celeb:

I got a new camera by the way, and haven't taken photos of anything else. So this post is just an excuse to blog some of my cool new pictures.


free time...

Got a few minutes/days/months to fill?

Well my favourite timewasting website is apple trailers. Give it a click and you'll see what I mean. I'm sure you've been there before, but we happened to mention it on the air today.

We did get an odd email though this afternoon:

Hi Ray,

I went to that apple trailers website and found this:

Brendan Tierney

Thanks Brendan.


Hey lads and lassies of the interweb! I'm back!

As you may have noticed, JP and I have been off for the Easter, but we're back, sick, and talking drugged-up nonsense through bunged-up noses again. Adelle's off til Thursday, post-Bob.

Nope. But I feel like I'm getting there.

Updates shall be more frequent again from now.


My forename in full is Raymond. You gathered that, I'm sure.

All of my family and old friends from when I was a kid call me Raymond. It's only since I became an adult I've grown into Ray Foley, but I still sign my name Raymond.

So it was cool to get this message from Raymond Foley, who's a designer. He has a website,

I should've thought of that. The old address seems so cheap and scabby compared to .com, but was already taken by the bartender dude. AND HE DOESN'T EVEN USE IT! His main website is, so I thought it was a bit mean of him to have the two. I emailed him about two years ago to try and buy it from him, but the git never got back to me.


I love this song:

I remember reading some time before Christmas that it was gonna be a single, but it either was released and didn't chart (possibly overshadowed by her other big hits) or it has just been held off on this side of the water.

I can take or leave Rihanna for the most part, but this is a really good song.


So, I was on Seoige (and O'Shea) today.

And I really enjoyed it! Bizarrely, I didn't think I'd like her, or she'd like me, but I can tell you now: I really liked her. And Joe seemed like a really sound bloke too!

How 'bout I tell you all about it on the radio tomorrow at twelve? Okay, see you then.


Got an empty USB port? Like music?

Then you'll love this idea from

I'm one of the less cred judges on the panel - and since it's all independent artists, Kylie and Mika haven't made the shortlist - so I'll be copying notes from Alison.


Our man, Pat Fitz was just kicked off You're A Star. Now, I've come to know the guy quite well over the past couple of months, and I know he'll be gracious in defeat.

I won't.

The judges gave him a bloody tough song while they gave the girls pretty easy ones by comparison. He had to sing Queen - Somebody To Love. At one point Michelle Heaton said they picked that song for him because he hadn't previously done anything like that in the competition. WERE THEY ON GLUE THE NIGHT HE SANG MIKA'S GRACE KELLY?!?

He was brilliant. He rocked. Three of the other four contestants looked like they were those stuffed Christmas decorations you see rocking from side-to-side in supermarkets. The fourth was Sharon, by the way.

What kind of daft idea is it to have the judges decide who stays from the final two? You've got two dried-up pop stars and Brendan O'Connor making life-altering decisions for these people, when the public vote might actually be a fair representation of who ought to win.

Anyway, it came down to Leanne and Pat.

Kee' Duffy went for Leanne. Michelle sided with our boy, which left Brendan O'Connor, who, I thought, couldn't have missed the fact that Pat is a much better performer. And by Christ, he didn't:

"Look, ultimately what it comes down to", he says, "is this is a talent competition, it's a music competition and, look, Pat's the better singer".

So far, so good. But wait! Something has just forced one of the judges to change his mind! Somehow, by some divine force of inspiration, he u-turns the shit out of what he just said!

"Ultimately I haffta say that, am, it's called You're A Star, and am, she's a star, and I'm gonna save Leanne."

Does that make any sense to you? What do you think it is that made him go absolutely in the face of what he believed? Why did he change his mind so suddenly? Any ideas? I'll be taking your suggestions on the radio tomorrow.

Sharon to win.


go ricky...

Tonight I watched that tripe that is "Death At A Funeral". I had to turn it off, but my missus didn't know who Daisy Donovan was! Imagine! I was totally in love with her.

So I start watching old 11 o'clock shows on YouTube.


Meteor TV have put together an interview package thing with all three of us - if you voted for us, there's a thank you in there...

And that's the end of the Meteors - for this year anyway.


aw jeez...

Hey, I shouldn't be making excuses, but I do have one: we're up to our eyes in show stuff, what with this move going on n'all.

I know there should be a vid update for today, but we just didn't get the time to do one. We really are very sorry.

Normal service will resume in the next few days, once we have all our shizzle together. But for now, you can wonder at the joys of the new glass floor in the reception area of our new station:

Look, here's JP, dressed as a bishop in our new open-plan office. That's The Last Word crowd in the far distance. Tom Dunne is back there with his CD's, and Siobhán is the last member of the D'arcy team still in work. The rest headed off at 12:05.

Look! Bishop JP's on the glass floor!

Hot upskirt action!

Podcasts, blog and vid updates will be thin on the ground for now, but I assure you, we'll be back real soon, so keep checking back.

And we're still on the radio at 12 every day.


funny man...

We love Matt Berry.

That's from Snuff Box. Look up Darkplace on YouTube. It's good too.


Hello to Ilesha and Cathy.

I just met you on the ferry from Inis Mor.

THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST MAD WEEK EVER! Nash, Tedfest, travelling, days off, moving building.

I'll tell you all about it - with pictures - over the weekend.

But here's the gang in all their glory at TedFest on Friday.

Peace be with you... and also with you.