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father friendly...

There's a church next to our house that's got a big green area next to it. Since the dog ran under that car we take her in there for a wee run and let her do her business because it's walled in. We always pick up after her.

Any time I've ever gone to mass in there (funerals) the priest has spent the "I say what I want in this bit" time bitching about the locals.

To be fair, he has a lot to bitch about - one day he told us the of how local yobs kept nicking the poor box, so it had to be "chemically sealed" to the church wall. I looked out the window another night and a car was burned out on the church green. So I can see how he's a little pissy.

The local residents (me included!) recently paid for gates to be put on the green area now, so it's locked up for much of the day, but one morning he practically attacked my wife for "all the dogs fouling the green". It was only when she held up the bag of dog shit to him that he walked away without apology. Idiot. I wouldn't mind but the other neighbours seem to be as diligent as we are - there's never any shite in the area.

Then this evening he was bitching and moaning at us again as we were leaving: "you won't be allowed bring your dog in here in future, I'm putting up signs". I felt like showing him a sign of my own but I got the "don't cause a row now" look from herself.

I wouldn't mind, but she gives the church cash every time those begging envelopes come through the door, and makes sure to give a few bob at Christmas and Easter - EVEN THOUGH WE DON'T EVEN PARTICIPATE IN THE BLOOMING RELIGION!

Love thy neighbour eh?



PS. Yes, I've spent the last few minutes writing about shit. Literally. Yes, I have become Victor Meldrew. And yes, the podcast is late but coming. Sorry.


  1. Pat Kenny said...
    I'd apologise. You don't want little arguments with neighbours snowballing into a huge feud.

    Believe me.
    Aiden said...
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    Aiden said...
    I have to say Ray, I'd be mighty pissed off if someone kept bringing their dog onto my grass to go for a shit, whether they picked it up after themselves or not! Why don't you let your dog shit on your own back garden?
    Ray said...
    Obviously you would, as would I. But you're not talking about the same thing at all Aiden.

    It's not his grass. It's always been common land. If he regards the land as his personal property he's an even bigger twunt - it belongs to the parish, which I help maintain by giving them money every few months.

    And we do let her shit in our back garden and pick it up there too. But when she needs a good run our teeny garden ain't big enough. And we can't always be sure she won't take a dump while she's there, but if she does we pick it up.

    It's not a very frequent thing anyway - just every once in a while when we can't drive to the park with her.
    red lemonade said...
    Twunt = new favourite word, thanks for introducing me to it Foley!
    carmel said...
    Usually like reading your blogg, but IF!! its the Church grounds, the Priest has a right to say what goes on there. Don't pay church donations if it bothers you so much and respect the rules ...even if it doesn't suit you! Love the show!
    PS: The "blooming religion"...the word your looking for is Catholicism
    Ray said...
    No Carmel, I wasn't looking for the word - I meant blooming religion - and there are no rules on display.

    I agree with your point that he has the right to say what goes on there, but he's basically just cutting off the green to locals who've always used it, and we're not the ones who burn out cars in it. We're just walking our dog for God's sake.

    I find it a bit rich that the guy locally responsible for promoting all the peace and love stuff in this so-called "Catholicism" is a nasty arse to his next-door neighbours. He's not even polite about it - he's confrontational. If he was at least a little "hi, yeah, listen is there any chance you could walk your dog elsewhere, it's just that (insert reasonable reason here)" Then I'd be fine. But he's a tool about it.

    As regards contributions, I'm not planning on giving any money in future.

    Thanks though for the show-love. We love you back.
    Tomo said...
    I hate priests and i hate church, so what you should do foley is get some of your dogs shit and throw it into the church grounds (not with your bare hands, might smell a bit!) at night so he has to pick it up and he won't be able to blame anyone cos no one is allowed walk their dogs there anymore!!!!
    carmel said...
    Just had to get something off my name's not Carmel...its just when you replied and said "No Carmel"..I thought why the hell did I pick Carmel! I should have gone for Chick Norris!

    You'll look back and laugh at it all someday. Im a cool Catholic myself (lol) and they're not all bad!! A wise man once thy neighbour but not their Shit! lol!
    McAuley said...
    God this is all getting a bit serious?

    Just a bit of dog-shite for your public green - nothing too serious!!!
    Ray said...
    I don't think I will look back at it and laugh. I'll look back and still think the guy's an ass. I think I'm more of an eejit to expect a priest to be nice.

    It's like that expectation that all babies are giggly bundles of joy and old people are lovely, like your granny, then you're disappointed by reality.

    Nothing against Catholics by the way - I'm still one myself technically. It's just the local rep isn't a nice guy.

    A.J said...
    no I have to say, I'm with you Foley, a green area's a green area, and if you're picking up after the dog.. its better that people are using it, it presents some form of security. if its not used at all it leaves more privacy for pwoplw to burn cars...

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