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If you have a mobile phone, you'll probably love Fring. Especially if you have a phone data plan that lets you use the internet as much as you want.

You can use MSN, GoogleTalk and Skype along with loads of other internet chat services at the same time - on the same mobile phone - see and give it a go.

This software has been around for quite a while, so why am I telling you this tonight? Because they finally released a version for the iPhone! Sweet! Well, at least if you have an iPhone anyway. And by iPhone, I mean a jailbreaked one. Well, it's sweet for me.



  1. Aidan Cunningham said...
    I use fring on my N95, its the cats pyjamas
    Siobhan said...
    Ohh thanks bf gonna lurve me when I tell him about this for his (jailbreaked) iphone...woo hoo, my lucky weekend ;)
    James said...
    I have a jailbroken iPhone too, just tell him to use Alollo IM instead, it pwns!
    basquille said...
    james.. why use Apollo IM instead?

    Fring has support for MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, Twitter (as well as Skype and Twitter) - Apollo IM is has well and truly been outdone!

    Made a blog post myself on Fring the other day. Really is excellent though eats up battery (as it runs in the background when you press the 'Home' button your iPhone).

    If yourself or any of your fellow bloggers are interested, I made a web-app for sending messages on the iPhone too - iPhoneText - free and open source and ideal for using over WiFi or EDGE.

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