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So I've been forced to pull my finger out and write something for this blog. As you can see, my finger is now out and is now typing this.

I hear Adelle's getting in on the act as well (she'll be talking about ponies and hair things), so you can look forward to three times the blogging fun from now on.

Exciting times indeed folks, exciting times.



  1. Tomo said...
    well hello jp, let me be the first to welcome you to the wonderful world (not really that good is it) of blogging
    JJ_Irl said...
    Jaysus what happened the site?!!!!! And what are you looking at on the banner above JP?!
    Tomo said...
    holy shit foley, very swanky site, new jingles and now a new look site, you must of got a bigger budget now
    Anne said...
    you should get your own show so you should

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