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fe the the the the...

Hi all!

I remember seeing this on telly yonkers ago, and only recently it came back into my head and I've been doing a (bad) impression of it for everyone who'll listen for the past 2 weeks now... Check out the love panther (?) Senor Julio Iglesias crooning the Foreigner classic...

It's qwwwwwwwwwwwwwwality.



is it me...

or should this gopher get a role in CSI?


al x

what are they doing now?

If you see me, I'll be probably wearing SNORGTEES!


Al x

Today on the show we didn't have time to do ' Up Shit Creek Without A Paddle' – where we ask why no-one’s had the foresight to open a stall selling paddles at Shit Creek, because they’d make an absolute killing!

But there is one...

who knew...

Don't click on the following video if you expect to see anything other than a rabbit eating parsley.

It's brilliant though.


I'm clearing out old emails. It's weird. I just forget any I read first thing in the morning. I'm reading them again now, and if they were sent at night or around nine o'clock before I get in to work, I read them, mark them as read, then totally forget their contents.

Anyway, I just found this one I got a while back from JP.

Hannah Montana is in a world of shit.
After causing a ruckus by getting nakedish, she's now ripped off some band and claimed one of their songs as one of her own.
The evidence. Hannah, with Rockstar:

And Lustra (Scotty Doesn't Know):


If you're sending me an email, send it during normal business hours.



Remember the swearing discussion on the air today? Well, the proverbial poo has hit the proverbial fan:

Dear Foley & Co,

Because of the swearing, I reported you and your stupid show to the 'Forum for Unnecessary Complaints by Keen Eared Radio Subscribers' (F.U.C.K.E.R.S.)

They have dispatched a 'Fast Action Response Team' (F.A.R.T.) to investigate.

Let this be a lesson, it's no joke when the F.U.C.K.E.R.S. release a F.A.R.T. on you.



I'm not worried - I hear the F.A.R.T. people are full of hot air.



Some funny feicer has made this to promote a Blizzards gig - I usually wouldn't post this, but it's very good:


Making the tea:

On holidays:

...and taping up the boxes


I frickin' love this:

Remember that? Morning, morning, morning...


With all the hype about the new Indiana Jones movie – Kingdom of The Crystal Skull - is it possible that there was a real man just like the on screen hero?

Click Here to find out...

crazy biker...

A talented Taiwanese man can eat noodles while riding a motorbike:

Yes, very safe...


Jessica the babe Alba has been taking part in an online staring competition.

The details of it escape me as I gawp gormlessly at her beautifulness:

And here's Diddy's bitch-assness-free-keepin'-it-all-the-way-real moment:


thunderbirds are go...

Hello one and all.

Check out this cool new ad. Think it's for water or summat.

Happy Sunday!


adele in studio...

We love her!

Do you know who Bill O'Reilly is?

He's that crazy bastard from Fox News that everybody hates. No, that's unfair. He's that crazy bastard from Fox News that I hate. He's comical though.

Anyway, here's a clip of him from a few years ago:

What's not to get? "To play us out..." Easy.


A US psychologist has patented a bra for the bum which she claims restores pertness to sagging buttocks. Featuring straps worn around the waist and under the buttocks, the garment claims to instantly shape and add tone to the behind.

Creator Karin Hart came up with the buttock-clenching idea after noticing her own bottom wasn't as pert as it used to be.

The "butt bra" cost around €20 through a US-based company. For the boys there's also a €35 version for men, the Maniki, and a Throng, a €20 thong which claims the same uplifting effect.

This bit is for the boys..... the photo....

Childish i know.... he he ....

ok ok... can we have a vote?

Ever since my last post, people have been throwing names about... mostly NERD.

I think it's a little harsh...

Can we take a vote... am I a nerd?

Evidence 1 - I'm too sexy...

Evidence 2 - Where's my baseball?



I was spinning in and out of the city the last few days, and noticed that the government don't want Darth Vader taking the car to work...

Seemingly no more than 5 Tie-Fighters in town at one time... bureaucracy gone mad...

Send in your intergalactic ban photos to



Adelle and Ann have been taking the piss out of these lads:

Granted, some of their rhymes (and names like Dowie, Dubble, Rapid, Viper and Devvo) are extremely questionable but by God, if I don't feel my old toe tappin' after a few bars of it. It's official: there's definitely something wrong with me. Either that or I've lived on the northside for too long. Or both.

You'll notice they won't let them in the car, clearly a rental for the video.



Are you a man?

Do you own a Playstation 3?

If, like me, you said yes to both then welcome to hell.

I found this on engadget.


time to say goodbye...

Because I'm officially going to hell after my escapades earlier today... The poor guy was chuffed to be approached by a "modelling" agency, and seemed super keen! Awww...

It was funny though, wasn't it... (snigger)


Don't you just hate good-looking fellas? Well, I do.

For those of you at the back not taking notes or those who may have missed today's show, the lovely Ann Gleeson took to Dublin's sunny streets today to find a good-looking guy, pay him a few compliments, ask him if he was interested in signing up for her modelling agency, and give him "her card":

It worked a treat. Ann's a legend.


pimpify me…

Want to pimp your name?

Join other homies like Ice Master Ray Wicked or Macktastic Mcdonnell or even Diamondtrim J. Slither

You may have played this game before, but I'm only catching on to it now.

Good clean family fun.


Have no life? Fancy going for a drive?

Then you've come to the right place!

Click here to drive a teeny tiny car around google maps.

I've done New York, London and Dublin already.

Man, I love the weekend! Woohoo! Don't be a fuckin' eejit by the way. Be safe.


Oh my God:


I never write about behind-the-scenes in the station, and sometimes some funny stuff happens. So I think I'm gonna write more about what happens in the day. Also, the old blog had loads of writing in it so I'm going back to my roots.

Friday? Alarm went off at 6.45 like it always does. I say always, but it's a fairly recent development as in, the last three weeks since I started working out in the morning. Got out of bed at 7.17 - three snoozes and off til I wake in a blind panic. I'm off the booze at the moment, so no hangover. The plan is to stay off the sauce til the June bank holiday weekend. Not gonna happen. It's now Friday afternoon. My old friends Gin and Tonic have been calling all day and I'm thinking of getting back to them to arrange a rendezvous. The pub next door to our new premises is a bad idea. Good food though.

I emailed Johnny at about the USB album thing I was supposed to judge last week but was too lazy to get my arse in gear. Spent last night listening to a load of new music. I was supposed to pick three tracks out of a final fifty for my votes. I won't tell you who they are, but I hope all three make the final cut. They're very good.

Anyway I finally went to the gym. Arrived at 8.15 for my 8am appointment with Dave, my legend trainer. I know it's arsey to have a trainer, but it's not like I'm gonna do it forever. I'm useless in the gym - no motivation - so he's actually making me work. And it's working. Don't get me wrong though. I knew someone years ago who told me they had a personal trainer and I thought they were a wanker so judge away.

I'm usually on time for the gym but wasn't today because the wife was working early. She's a newsreader on 2FM for your information and she works odd hours. Listen out for her. Kate Carolan. Sometimes evenings, sometimes very early. Sometimes fairly "normal" ones like my nine to five. Any way she was up and gone by the time I panicked out of the sack, so she wasn't there to feed me, the dog, take the dog for a piss, pack my bag, wash me, dress me and send me off on the bus. I had to do it all myself this morning.

Worked out. My groin is sore. And for all the wrong reasons.

Got the bus to work. You probably know that I don't drive - I'm working on that too though. Whatever time I manage to get the bus to work after the gym every morning is exactly the same time as the handover of the bus to the next shift. The bus full of passengers pulls up at the stop, the new driver gets on, has a chat with the finishing-up driver. AND BY JESUS DO THEY TAKE THEIR TIME! They're like a pair of old ladies at a bingo hall for nearly ten minutes. I love sitting on the top deck of a smelly bus on the South Quays waiting for the bloddy thing to start moving. I don't actually. I was being sarcastic there. And my iPod is out of battery.

Arrive in work. Adelle and JP are in ahead of me. As usual. The computer playout system crashes at the very start of the show, making for twenty minutes of radio that won't be going on the awards tape, followed by the lovely lads The Minutes - who performed their new track "Harmonic" for us. You should probably buy it. The bloody system died at the beginning of Tony's show too. But he glossed over it like the true pro he is. Bastard.

In other news:

  • I'm thinking of spending the June bank holiday weekend in Kinsale, but I may have left it too late to book anywhere.
  • I'm addicted to Mario Kart Wii. I'm playing it way more than GTA IV.
  • There's a preview screening of the new Indiana Jones movie next Tuesday week. Reviews are mixed so I'll just have to wait and see.
  • Naimee Coleman's in Ireland! Yeah, the only other semi-famous person I know other than the Blizzards has gone and married a yank and is living in LA! Very Carly Smithson. I know her too actually. Except Naimee's not covered in tatoos now. Anyway, she called me out of the blue, is back in Ireland for a week and wants to go for a pint. I can't be rude and tell her I'm not drinking at the moment. So I'll have to go for the pint.
I said sometimes funny stuff happens. Today wasn't one of those times.


Spotted this on apple trailers and couldn't resist a look.

Does that make me a gay, a girl or both?



kids rock...


Found it on giz - one of my "click into without thinking" websites. You know those sites you just click into, sometimes without even realizing you clicked there? And sometimes you don't even read what's written, but just surf on past? Yeah, well one of those.



Well done to the Leinster squad - Magners League champs '08!

I got my ass burnt playing golf with JP on Sunday, and toasted on Monday with my bro...

Pale boy + sun = pain.




We're in my back garden at the mo. Have been listening to the whatever
we want bank holiday all day on the wireless. Damn, it's pretty good.

Jesus, I hope this weather stays around for the summer.

With all this Gladiators talk at the moment, we went on the youtube to find some classic cuts of the Wolfman in action, with hilarious results. You see any idiot with a camera can put any crap on youtube, and some of it can be quite funny. Check out this guy:

This is the beginning of the end. An' I mean it!

Timmy Pee! Ha ha! Wolfman versus Timmy Pee! i don't think Wolfman is in the new Gladiators anyway.

Have a good weekend. Sorry Timmy.


love this ad...

Very cool:


vegas baby...

Hello there,

Well im back from the biggest playground in the world ever. ... Las Vegas!
It is the must do holiday of a life time.
I was told by loads of people that 5 days was almost TOO much time to spend there but they lied.

Its far too short. 2 weeks maybe and id have had enough.

It's big, beautiful ( in a tacky kind of way) and brilliant.

here are some pics

A drive thru Pharmacy - WHY?

Dial 688 4 cox ( childish i know)
Terribles car Wash?

And finally - the view from my room.. wow.

No thats not Paris - its Vegas.

Trust me If you do one thing in your life Do Vegas.. Adelle