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Had a minger of a day today, and I can't see tomorrow being much better. I really enjoyed the show though.

I like to unwind of an evening by playing with my gadgets, and what better way to play than by clearing all the photos out of your iPhone and putting them on the internet?

Remember the trip to the zoo? Well, here are a few more snaps of the baby elephant and the stinkin' hippo.

My hot-dog, and the swan family in the Liffey:

And last weekend at the surprisingly-good Bublé gig, this was the view for the amazing support act, Naturally 7:

And Bublé:

Very well-to-do. A million miles away from the Saturday at Oxegen.


So I was reading some top quality entertainment news this morning, and I noticed this story about fergie... check out the credit for the photographer... its a bit harsh on fergalicious isn't it?




Games we were talking about - Mad World on the Wii:

And GOW2:


Check it out... it's from Bang Bang, and it's Vic and Bob's first Reality TV show.


al x

áine girl...

Barbie is getting an Irish makeover.. The new doll named Barbie Aine, will have flowing red curls and emerald gown and a gold crown – ‘just like an Irish Princess’.
Also due in the shops in September, Black Canary Barbie is dressed in a biker jacket, black boots, fishnet tights and little else, much to the horror of parent and Christian group in the US, who have come out in force against her, claiming she is way too provocative for little girls.I think your more likely to see the 2nd one on a night out on Ireland than the 1st!

i'm a leprachaun...

so emma roberts is julia roberts niece? and she wants me to be her 7 year old sisters leprachaun?

I'm in! Hollywood here we come!

piece... al x

Going out this weekend?

Rave right:



naturally seven...

In studio today! They're supporting Michael Buble Sunday night in Donnybrook Stadium, Dublin - and they're on at 7.30pm. Don't miss them if you're going!

Check them out here performing on a Metro in Paris...


dont make me get old school...

Hey there! I havent posted in a while, i've been actually working! makes a change for me, but anyhows...

check out dizzeeeeee rascoool (BLAH DONT MAKE ME GET OLD SCCHOOL!), or whatever his name is. I've no idea what he's on about, but he's awesome.

I'm off tomorrow, but I'll be back next week! (no smart comments!)




young men...



Foley's tip for the day:

Don't eat a feed of Skittles before going to bed.


Home from watching The Dark Knight. It is as good as they say it is! Although they said Batman Begins was that good too - in my opinion they were wrong on that score, but this is ace. Begins was far too subtle and subdued for my liking. In my opinion, a comic book film should be all about the thrills, spills'n'kills. Don't try to make it something it's not. Sure, feel us up with a little "with great power comes great responsibility" shite, but keep the good stuff comin'.

They delivered.

They blew a lot of crap up. They killed a lot of people. They chased around in cars, trucks and bikes and blew some more crap up.

All the talk is about Ledger's Oscar. I suppose he should win. It's not like there have been any other knock-it-out-of-the-park film performances this year, and he was bloody good in it. But while laying this praise on so thick, it should be remembered that The Joker is a very reliable character. Dating back to the cheesy 60's version of the TV show, then Nicholson, through to the animated series, the character has always pretty much played itself. Christ, he's the greatest supervillain ever created!

I think it's like playing Santa Claus. You can't really go wrong can you?

That character is also just so brilliant and so well-written that he couldn't but chew up the scenery. Not that the other performers didn't try. Freeman, Caine and Bale all did their usual effortless schtick. Maggie Gillenhaal was grand. Aaron Eckhart made a good fist of it. But it was Heath Ledger's flick, probably for both the attraction of the character and the ability of the actor.

Still, there's no way he wasn't inspired by some of the original ol' Jack Napier when he filmed some of his sequences. Absolutely no way.

Not that there's a single thing wrong with being inspired by the greats.


If you ever make your missus mad by calling her up and taking the mick out of her on your radio programme, be prepared to shell out on flowers:


Who needs Ledger and Bale acting all moody-like when you have this:

Why does Robin have to hang upside-down?

I love the thump sounds as Batman's whacking away.

But it gets better!


good craic...

Naked climbing is the latest extreme sport craze sweeping the US.

The idea is the brainchild of Californian photographer and climber Dean Fidelman, who took these shots for his Stone Nudes 2009 calendar. He said: "This is the sport at its purest. It captures the true essence of the climbing spirit." The craze is apparently now tipped to take off here!! OOh I Can't wait.. us ladies will now have to watch the footie, the golf, and oh yeah the naked rock climbing.


No prizes for guessing where we are today...



ilove it...

The iPhone Dev team, the people that unlock your iphone and let you use it on other networks, are releasing the newest update to their software tomorrow.

It doesn't fully work on the new iPhone 3G - but if you (like me) have an original iphone and want all the excellent features of software 2.0, then 20th July is a happy day for you.

According to the Dev Team Blog:

So, currently (when released) PwnageTool 2.0 will support:-

iPhone (1st Gen) with 2.0 - Activated, Unlocked & Jailbroken, (with support for third party applications).

iPod Touch with 2.0 - Activated & Jailbroken, (with support for third party applications).

iPhone (3G) with 2.0 - Activated, Jailbroken (with support for third party applications).

Sweet! One of the big advantages of the new 2.0 software is this:

Click here for more. It's very cool.

So, I've just signed up for my 60-day free trial to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.

UPDATE, 20th July: As I was heading to bed last night I checked to see if the update was online. It was! So I thought I'd do it quick-snap before I went to sleep. I was up until half five this morning trying to get it working properly. It finally is. Read up on how to get the phone into DFU mode before attempting this. Thankfully, there are loads of quides out there, so go and google.


I frickin' love John Cusack. He's one of those actors I just love, in spite of the fact that I think he can't act. I think actors who are always the same in every film they are in are just lucky guys. Like John Cusack. People who play different characters are actors.

But Cusack is a legend.

I don't know if this is a joke or a genuine screwup, but either way, I love it:


I got a message from pkmbyte on YouTube the other day - and it's bizarre - but I was thinking the very same thing!

Repeats of Desperate Housewives are being aired at 16:25 in the afternoon on RTÉ One. Desperate Housewives is crap when it's shown during the day. It just seems like a cheap ass daytime Soap Opera when it's bright outside. I just can't watch it. I can watch it at night though and for some reason I get glued to the tv when it was showing at night. What also tops it off the picture they use to indicate Desperate Housewives is on at the start and the end of adverts while the show is on. That makes it seem even cheaper.
I watched about five minutes of an old episode of it before Home & Away the other day and had exactly the same reaction! It's a massive, slickly-produced, expensive American TV show, but it's just naff during the day.

And while I'm on the subject, what's going on with Home & Away? Is the cameraman on drugs? He's ducking and weaving all over the place!


Cheers to Gareth for his Electric Picnic recommendations for this year.

Dan Deacon:

And The Congos:


This morning I have been mostly watching this:

Poor Five. They must watch this and go "JEEEEEEAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYZZZZZZZUUUUUUUSSSSSS." etc. Catchy number though!

I love you.


This has been around for a while now, but when his interpretation of Common People popped up on the iPod on the way in to work this morning, I remembered his even-crazier version of Rocketman.

The year: 1978. The occasion: The Sci-Fi Awards. The crazy bastard: William Shatner.

Denny Crane! Denny Crane! Denny Crane!


Alphabeat were in!

My t-shirt was offending the lovely Stine. She's not an evil monkey!


Oh god. Maybe it's because i'm super tired from Oxegen, but isn't this really funny??

Please say yes, and that I'm not demented.

I love you.


I was snap-happy all weekend. I took over a thousand snaps... so it's gonna take me a while to sort them all out and get them online.

But they're coming soon.


Eileen McGillycuddy and Eileen Murphy at Electric picnic 2007.This year they will be staying VIP style in a Bivouac.

Tune in to RTE one at 7 tonight to see what they got up to.

damn it!

so me and JP were playing pool tonight (if you ever wanna see jp, chat to him, buy him dinner, whatever - he'll be in the palace kicking my ass at pool). on the way home, popped into the Centra in Ranelagh (smelly student type suburb of dubalin...).

So i call Foley, chatting away, walking around the place, getting funny looks from EVERYONE! im like, ok, im talking on the phone strolling around a Centra, but im not being loud, im not knocking shit over, so i just get on with it... "pffff... smelly artistic student types" i think, though foley would include my in that venn diagram of smelly studenty types...

ANYway... im strolling around, feeling weird... then this AWESOME looking girl walks up to me... smiling...GREAT. gets closer, still smiling... DEADLY... she looks at my crotch... smiling.... FUCKING AWESOME! wait... no... she's... yes, yip she's laughing... FUCK!

why, i hear you ask, dear listener... well, i realised my nice new jeans have a fucking BUTTON FLY!

WHO INVENTED THESE THINGS?! maybe someone who had a zipper accident, but come on... its so bloody annoying, and the only way to do it up, is to undo your belt, do a shuffley move with your feet, then redo all the buttons...

so i did my shopping, boxers akimbo, hoping no one could see my bits...



Al x

If you enjoyed the kid with the blood as much as Darren did, there’s a good chance you’ll like this stuff.

Parents! Don’t expect your children to pay for your nursing home fees if you put up daft YouTube clips of them when they were kids!

A refreshingly honest young man:

One of the best ever:

And finally - Winston Churchill as an evil baby:

I nearly got sick watching that last one. Oh God, I’m crying.

Jonathan Wilkes, eat your heart out.


relaxy time...

Check out my phone, relaxing after a hard morning's work... I'm helping out on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show at the moment, and Lia who works on the show has a "phone deck chair" on her desk. Doesn't it look really strange? My mate in college had a plastic hand that was meant to hold her phone like this. Sooo creepy.


Promotional trailers have been released for The Dark Knight.
The follow-up to "Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight" stars Christian Bale as Batman again and was also one of Heath Ledgers last movies before his death in January.

Here is is as the joker:

Also watch the trailer here



This poor kid is attempting to alert his parents to a medical emergency and all they do is laugh?

Damn right it's not funny, young man.

You remember how they laughed when one of them is bleeding profusely from the jugular and they're begging you to call an ambulance.


This is taken from world's tallest building 'Burj Dubai' at 2,620 ft!

look at the edge (uppermost right corner) of the picture, you can see the turn of the earth


Have you spotted JP modelling for Permanent TSB?

These ads have been appearing on Bebo and Facebook for their daft “design-your-atm –card” lark:


Picture 2

It’s not actually him, but there’s a looky-likey out there somewhere.



Here comes another lazy YouTube clip blog post:


Isn’t that cool? Found it over on Darren’s blog.


is there anything more annoying...

than sitting in work, and the annoying not very attrictive and slightly odourous (is that how you spell it?!) man or woman sitting across from you keeps making conversation when you're trying to work?

Now I spend most of my time outside of the Today Fm building, and when I DO frequent Marconi house, I share a desk with AM Kelly and Phil "the THRILL" Cawley - so I OBVIOUSLY don't include them in this bracket of people.

but you know, it's hard to be motivated in work on a monday, so when you are actually trying to do some work, and the person beside you keeps slipping their head around the partition, or the person across from you keeps peeking up over the screen to comment on something.

I've been in work for 75 minutes so far this morning, and the topics to date have been:

"How was your weekend" - which isn't 'tell me what you did' but rather, "get through youre stories about your shitty life so I can tell you about how cool my weekend was"

"did you see wimbledon?" - either way, I know what happend. If i saw it, I saw it. If I didnt, it's hard to get from bed to work without seeing/hearing some news, or the other 15 people i talked to today probably told me. "ah i would've liked to see XXX win it" - amateur commentary!? And I LOVE IT when people are all like "well Nadal's not great on grass, he's so strong though and brilliant on clay..." yes yes, we all heard the lads on tele talking, well done you on being able to remember it word for word

"did you see the GAA?" - DITTO

"the weather was shit wasnt it?" - we live in ireland... I mean if we burn up all these doosy of topics so early, what will we talk about at lunch? the new trays in the canteen? the fact that jim in accounts remebers when coke cost 60 p in the can machine?

"Did you see Ryanair are selling cheap flights?" - yes, i assume they are given thats what the do, day in, day out, and then screw you with taxes and charges, so a free flight becomes 490 quid return.

"did you get new aftershave?!" - first, I have a beard, so no. Second, its a bit weird commenting on peoples smell isnt it? i mean tell me if i smell like a sweaty chef from a chipper, but it's a bit weird telling people you dont know they smell nice.

"did you get your hair cut?!" - ok now its just silly, we've run through the news/weather topics, and youre grasping at straws - my hair is longer than it was on friday - thats right, it grew.

if you have any other inane conversation I can have with people today, please drop a comment.

Rant over.



This is Chris Sheehan, and he loves Jessica Alba. Love love loves. So much so that he posted himself singing her praises on You Tube. Very very cute. You've got balls, Chris!

Looky looky:

I love you.

The Ann.

So, here we all are... it's the beginning of another weekend, the beginning of another adventure that'll wind it's way through a few pubs, a couple of clubs and a restaurant or two. Maybe a DVD on the couch on Sunday afternoon, then back to work.

This has been a daft week, with shizzle going on off-air that just distracted us from the blogging for a few days, so normal service shall resume on Monday.

I'm sitting here over two hours since the show ended. It's Friday after work. Fenton's already gone home, probably on "the razz" already. Adelle's gone, JP's gone. Siobhan is sitting at her desk on the Darcy show. I think she has noplace else to go, because she's always here. Cooper's rockin' the airwaves while the sales army are packing up their gear to head off. And I'm still here. Thinking about my bike.

My bike has been in the Today FM basement for two weeks now. I cycled in one morning, felt sick (doc told me I had a throat infection) so skipped the cycle home. I got better but the bike's still there. I've checked on it a couple of times and it's grand. But I should really cycle it home. It's only a half-hour cycle. I have all my gear with me because I was in the gym this morning. I should get off my ass and get the bugger home.

Screw that. Pub time!

Talk Monday - have a good one.


goo goo gadget dolls...

The famous Goo Goo dolls were in studio on the show today - they talked with us and played a lovely song! Look how happy Ray looks in the pic...



Have you seen this cat?

John has! He spotted the mysterious animal, who he says is like a huge black cat, running around Limerick County.

This is not the 1st report of the weird animal – sightings go as far back as 2002. But it's never been caught.


This handbag will cost you a million pounds or 1.9 million U.S. dollars or 1266,500 Euro.

This rather gaudy accessory was created by a Japanese jewelry house. The small surface area is studded with thousands of diamonds, and is considered a work of art! The centrepiece is an 8 carat diamond surrounded by 81 smaller diamonds. The bag itself is made of pure platinum, the world's most precious metal.

Apparently it’s versatile as some of the stones can be used as jewelry.

Seriously it’s a hand bag...

Situation 1 - It will be carried for an hour then flung under a table for the best part of a night.

Situation 2 – It will be used as a centre piece while we try to dance around it.

Situation 3 - Before throwing it in the back of the wardrobe until you have another ‘special occasion’ to bring it to. Repeating situations 1 -3.

Its not even that pretty.. IT’S A MILLION QUID!