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michael phelps is a prick...

I thought he was a legend till I saw his celebration...

piece and love

Al x

EDIT - I think this is what our resident phunky phone boi was trying to show us. Thanks Ross. Ray.

We’re whiling away the afternoon hours putting our names into urban dictionary.

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 28 14.36

Funky phone boy Al’s surname is Metcalfe:

ScreenHunter_03 Aug. 28 14.37

Lovely Ann Gleeson?

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 28 14.37 

And myself…

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 28 14.36


la rocca...

Were in studio!



You need it?



We all know Tom Dunne's a total bastard.

We had hundreds of texts to confirm this last week, upon the announcement he's screwing off to join another station.

Oliver's sent us an emotional email:

Following all the details I heard over the past few days about the departure of Tom Dunne I felt it was my duty to inform you of my experience of the Devil incarnet himself Tom Dunne. Tom played a concert in Waterford many years ago with his band. My girlfriend and I went and expected an enjoyable evening of music dancing and drink!!
This is not what we got, Tom Dunne, at the start of the show, shouted to the security guards to lock all exits and keep these rats caged in!!! We all wondered was this part of the show but no he proceeded to ask his drummer to release the gas while they all put their gas masks on!! A cloud came over the arena and I started to feel sick and tired! When everbody woke we found our wallets and valuables were stolen and our grilfriends all had tatoos saying "Tom Dunne f**ked me and I loved it" on their chests.
It was a horrifing experience and this is the first time I have had the courage to speak about it. I never realised so many people had experienced the evil and disgusting behaviour of this monster!!
Yours violatedly,
My heart goes out to you, Oliver. Best wishes to your girlfriend.


Adelle’s been looking at the “star”-studded Life Mag in the Sunday Indo.


That’s what happens when you eat too many mandarin oranges!

Tired Foley?


Not anymore! He’s a star!



What happens when you go kite surfing in the middle of a tropical storm?

Click here and find out!


trust me...



I'm out on the beer. I just took that photo.


A good long time ago (around eighteen months) I was in touch with someone on bebo about an animation he had done on his page. It was a cool little graphics thing.

I got in touch with him and he sent me back his email address on bebo. But I lost the address and can't find it. I think his name is Andrew or Anthony...

Are you him? Will you send me your email address again?

Thanks - and sorry for losing your address in the first place.





In and live with us today were the three bands I thought were cool for the USB album.

It’s an album. On a USB key!

For more, click here.

They’re all unsigned Irish acts, and they’re all really very good.

We had The Dirty Epics:


The shockingly beautiful (and talented) Roberta Howett:


That’s her on the right. And living legends, The Kinetiks:


Lovely boys.



Apparently I look like the first guy. I see it.




...and why they build a pub next door to your workplace.




I’m a sportsfan!

Yeah, who knew?

Surfing through those obscure channels at the end of the dial on the tellybox this evening. Anything with sports in it and I generally flick on without hitting enter, but since I’m planning on following the Premiership this year (for the first time at the ripe old age of 27) I thought I’d suss this sports thing out.

Had a look at Sky Sports News, Sports 1, 2 and 3, Setanta, Eurosport, MUTV… yawn. And then, out of nowhere: Sky Sports Xtra!

What’s on  my kitchen TV right now?



More on the CGS here. Clicky.

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 13 23.15

Sky Sports Xtra, Where have you BEEN all my life?

Finally, I’m a jock!


Oh yeah, I just found these pics on the phone.

It was last Wednesday night in our hotel in Edinburgh. We were due at the airport at 7am on Thursday. Just asleep at 3.45 when the fire alarm goes off.

Of course, like most normal people, we stay in bed. It'll stop in a minute. But the alarm keeps ringing.

Get up five minutes in to take a look out to the corridor where people are leaving the building in an orderly fashion!

Get dressed, head outside where it's pelting down. Stand in the rain for ten minutes, fire brigade arrives (see pics) and gives us the all-clear. As it happens, some moron on the fifth floor hit the switch for a laugh. Ha ha!

It would seem that the best comedians aren't restricted to the confines of the stage.


The end is nigh. That's what Dawson Street looks like right now.

Yeah, another crap evening weatherwise. Yesterday wasn't a big deal because I was just gonna be in watching House of Saddam on the DVR (excellent) but tonight it's Muse!

It's been holding off all day but it finally started raining again in Dublin. Balls.

I know our ticket winner Barry will be going along on our behalf but call me a fair weather fan, but I'm not so keen on getting pissed on.


ding ding...

The floods have badly affected Dublin's Luas transport system:


This is my hell.

Three mornings a week at eight.

The gym.

Heaven? Coffee at half nine from the O'Brien's Irish sandwich bar downstairs. Remember when they used to sponsor our show? Them and their hand-cut sandwiches...

It feels like an age ago but it was what? About a year? God knows it was a very different show back then.

Surely all sandwiches are knife-cut?


bus ride...

Jesus the weather is manky isn't it?

I'm just after getting pished on waiting for the bus, got on, and it's got that nasty other-people-wet-smell. And I hate condensation on windows. It's other people's bodily fluid! Yeah, I know mine is mixed in there somewhere but not enough for my liking. Any time I see people drawing pictures on the glass I feel like screaming "STOP!" at them.

I've stopped using the iPhone and am using my Nokia. I just wanted to see if this'd work or not.

Great. The bus has broken down. I know how it feels.


I was about to tell you this story on the radio today, but couldn’t because it was lunchtime and good taste and decency apparently dictated I oughtn’t, but here we are on the internet, the home of the lowest forms of depravity known to humankind.

So the story goes that Shirley Manson, she of Garbage lead-singing fame, shat on her boyfriend’s cornflakes.

According to

Did you really shit on your boyfriend's cornflakes? Did you stand on a chair or put the bowl on the floor? Did you use the bowl afterwards?
(Wearily) Oh God, here we go again. Right then... One, yes, I really really did it. Two, neither, I held the bowl in my hand and squatted over it. Three, of course I used the bowl later - after cleaning it, naturally.

Hungry now?


Hey, lads… wanna watch a girl striptease?

Check it out:


Went to a play tonight. Yeah, a play! A Shakespeare play no less!

Apparently he was hot-shit back in the day, and his A Midsummer Night’s Dream is something of a big deal. Me, I wanted to check out Jimeoin, but went along for the ride. Yes, I was dragged along on my ass by my long-suffering lady wife.

The weather here is absolutely shite!

They had the shindig in this:



It was okay. There’s this scary-looking yoke outside. The wind was blowing a gale, the rain was pelting down, and you’ve been listening to the hurricane from inside a massive tent for two hours to see this outside:


I just thought it looked cool.

As an aside, I saw Andrew Maxwell three times since I’ve been here. I haven’t gone to see him live or anything, but I seem to turn around and oh, there’s Andrew Maxwell. Incidentally, he’s always with a mate of his who I saw on a flyer for something. The dude reminds me of Today FM’s man of a million voices, Mario Rosenstock, but he could be anyone.

Tomorrow? Scorchio!


hoots mon…

Guess where I am?

Edinburgh! Why? For the Edinburgh Fringe, that’s why!

And guess what? I’ve paid for it all myself! No freebie ligger nonsense here, no sir!

The weather outside is frightful. Took a turn for the worse late last night, but we’ve been experiencing the comedic offerings, some which have been so delightful. Others have been less so.

IMG_1235 IMG_1232

I’d honestly never heard of Jarlath Regan. I know, I know, he had a whole show about that. Oh, the irony. Went to see him yesterday.

Tim Vine is very good at what he does, but by Jesus you’ll be tired after an hour. You need to constantly focus on every word he’s saying.

I wouldn’t hurry back to see Jerry Sadowitz, Hunter or Des Clarke again.

My favourite so far is John Pinette.


I’m told Dempsey and his minions will be over here on Friday. That’s why I’m beating a hasty retreat tomorrow morning.

My mam has an apartment rented in Spain, so we’re skipping on the ‘ol Ryanair down there until Sunday. Sweet!

Did you say you’d love to see some snaps? No? Tough shit.

The view of Pleasance courtyard from the jacks:


The Udderbelly (an upside-down cow with E4 written on the side of it):


A wall:


Waiting for Tim Vine:




I hope you’re looking after your new babysitter, Brian McColl. He’s a legend, and one of my favourite DJ’s, so be polite. I’ll be back next week to do more of the same old schtick. Have a good weekend!


All together now! snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger snigger:


...but this site is fucking brilliant... if you have broadband... get on here, and stream almost any song you can think of...

Al x