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The guy behind Lost, Alias and others, JJ Abrams is back, with a new show.

Fringe starts on TV3 tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9.

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 30 22.21

Thanks to my cousin in America, I’ve seen the first three episodes, the first a two-hour series setup. And it’s bloody good.

Comparisons are being drawn all the time between this and the X-Files and not without good reason: the FBI set up a new team to investigate cases involving paranormal (specifically science-related) activity, one of whom has a personal interest in the project, the government or private enterprise are covering something up, and we don’t get any concrete answers at the end of each show.

I’ve been saying for years they should’ve hit the restart button on the X-Files, and gone back to their “shit, that was scary” roots, rather than the aliens and truth being out there shit. The X-Files was at it’s best in the first two seasons when they were investigating as much freaky shit as alien abductions. It looks like Abrams and his buddies agree.

It even plays out like an X-Files episode: gruesome event in the first few minutes, credits, meet the team, get the assignment, start asking questions, get too close to the truth and the sense that you’re not being let in on the conspiracy, work out generally what happened in that gruesome event in the first few minutes in the last few minutes, end. And there’s even a little bit of flirting between our two main protagonists, one of whom is Pacey from Dawson’s Creek!

I really enjoy this show. However, if you didn’t like those X-files episodes that I loved, this may not be your thing.


Derek is the second Apprentice contestant to get fired.


Lovely fella.


hot fm...

Radio Booth Engulfed in Flames - Watch more free videos

I love it that he keeps reading! I'd be gone like a hot snot. Pardon the pun.


I've just finished watching The Apprentice and have a spare minute to blog.

It's getting interesting now - I wasn't overly in love with last week's episode but I think everyone was settling into their roles for tonight's show. So Derek is gone, and he'll be on the air with us around 12.15 tomorrow. That's 100-102 Today FM, kids.

I used the expression "standy by" on the radio today. It doesn't get more cheesy than that.

I've been setting up the new "Niamh" blog - for that girl who keeps emailing us. I like her emails - she notices things I don't, and she's funny. I haven't heard from her, but hopefully the blog will be something she'll be into. Basically, I'll just give her an email address to email updates to, and they should appear on her blog (not this one, I'll give you the link in the next day or two provided she's interested).


We had Kurt Angle in yesterday and recorded a mad long interview with him. We had to edit it for the radio, but here’s the whole thing in all it’s glory:


UPDATE #1: Once again, it seems Badongo is a piece of crap. I can hear it fine on my machine, but if you're having hassle, you can download the full interview here and listen as you like.

David Letterman is superb. John McCain was to appear on his show last night, but cancelled last minute. They record the show earlier in the day, which leaves him room to ramble…

Just great. Actually, surf around for Keith Olbermann online. His show is called Countdown – he’s excellent too.

Staying with Letterman, check out John McCain’s hands:

And of course, the Oscars (shitty quality):

I love him - I think I’ll copy him today.


Why do Nokia put a stinking smiley face in when I type three dots? I fucking abhorr smileys. They are the sign, the indication that the end is nigh. Civilization shall be brought to it's knees by those fucks and their smiley faces.

Have you seen that awful film with Luke Wilson in it about the downfall of humanity because of pure stupidity? It's such a bad film I've forgotten the title, but they make a good point. Smileys will destroy us all. Damn, what was the name?

I write from my phone on a very slow bus on my way home to finally play some PS3 which I've been looking forward to all day. And as I write I cast my mind back to the pic I took and reconsidered posting here on Monday afternoon. I couldn't be so mean to rub your faces in my beachy bliss. That and I'd be screwed on data roaming charges. But now I'm home:


UPDATE#1: Idiocracy! Terrible film.

hangin' tough...

Here's Ray with Kurt Angle!

Tune in tomorrow for the interview!


As you know, I was away.

When I got back into Ireland this afternoon I turned on my phone, and instead of the usual edge logo in the upper left corner of my Nokia 95’s screen, there was this:


A wee 3G symbol!

Googling around, I read that Meteor were due to start pumping the lovely hi-speed juice around now, so fair play.

And while I was away I was seriously thinking of jumping back to Vodafone or O2 so I’d have 3G to connect to my laptop.


UPDATE #1: I’ve been playing around with it all evening and while I’m using it, it pops into 3.5G mode, meaning there’s a little HSDPA action under the hood. I just did a speed test and here’s how she looks:

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 24 00.07

Not gonna set the world on fire, but I can check my email on the move. And I can chuck out the 3Ireland and Vodafone usb dongles. Speaking of speed tests, I just tried out my Irish Broadband 4mb connection.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 23 23.49

They were a complete nightmare for the first few months I had them, but copped on after one seriously shitty complaint email. I check it every so often, and not too shabby at all boys and girls!

Anyone got any speeds to share? Is that new BT 24mb all it’s cracked up to be?

UPDATE #2: Sent an email to Meteor PR folk, and here's their response:

Wednesday the 24th of September, Meteor announced today that it switched on its 3G network and up to 70,000 customers are now live on the network. This is the latest milestone leading to a commercial launch of Meteor’s 3G service scheduled early next year.

Commenting on the latest 3G developments, Larry Smith Meteor’s Chief Executive Officer said, “3G is switched on and the company is on track successfully hitting targets as we move towards our next milestone of 33% demographic coverage at the end of the month”.

“This is a very exciting time for Meteor as we prepare for our commercial launch early next year. We will revolutionise the 3G customer experience and we will bring to market a unique proposition to the Irish 3G arena” he added.

In anticipation of its 3G launch the company recently launched competitive simple straightforward pricing to ensure its customers get real value when using its 3G network without incurring high costs. The company charges a 99cent daily rate for Pre Pay and €9.99 per month for Bill Pay for customers browsing Meteor Mobile Internet. Meteor is the only operator that does not charge a connection fee to start browsing, reaffirming the company’s value proposition to its customers.

Meteor has partnered with Ericsson, a global leader in mobile technology solutions to deploy its 3G network using the latest technology which will enable customers to experience significantly faster speeds.

Rollout of the 3G network is on a phased basis beginning in Dublin and Cork. The remaining major cities and towns throughout the country will follow. With 40 Meteor stores nationwide, the company recently celebrated its one millionth customer and now commands 19% of the mobile market


I've been on a beach in Spain for the past four days but back on the radio tomorrow from 12.

Peter sent me a cool birthday message:


It’s the future. Never be without a drink again with the Mobile Bar!

on holidays...

So Rizzah and the Jizzle are off for a couple of days...

Brian McCaul is in for Ray, and although we don't need a replacement JP, I'm in too...

Love and Kisses!


happy birthday...

To Ray! xx

Oh gin and tonic, you beautiful pair. How can you taste so good and yet be so bad for my belly?

I'm trying to drink less as part of this weight-loss regime. And I've found that when I do, G&T becomes my most-fancied drink. Even though I'm a mostly beer and vodka drinker, I miss the gin the most when I can't booze it up any more. It's been like this since I really started working on the gut early last month.

Gin isn't the only thing I miss. Coca Cola. Chips. Big Macs. Milkshakes. Chinese food. Pancakes. Potatoes. Potato farls. Bread. Pasta. Rice. Beer! Oh, Jesus, I miss beer. Muffins. Chicken Tikka Masala. Club sandwiches. Paninis. Ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew). Jack Daniels. Pizza. Chicken nuggets.

I'm sorry, I have to stop - I'm getting emotional.

But look, no more double chin!


ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 17 21.21

Entourage is back on US telly!

Just sitting down to it now… my cousin sent it over on DVD.


A few days back I posted about dropbox - I won't get into it again - but I wanted to let any of you know that might be interested that it's open to all and sundry to use, with 2gb online storage ready to use when you are.

With mobileme from Apple such a pain in the arse for many people this is a little application that I've actually found... just works!

Anyway, I was thinking I'm gonna be hitting the 2gb limit pretty soon, and would like to put all of the stuff I'd use a lot on the network. I'd read somewhere that they were planning on charging people for bigger accounts, so had a looky at their blog.

Our most common request has been for more storage. Next week, you’ll be able to buy a 50GB Dropbox for $9.99/month, or $99.99/year. Don’t worry — the free 2GB accounts will always be free, and you can keep the amount of space you had in the beta. Stay tuned for more on this.
Great news indeed!


I'm turning 28 on Sunday. I feel okay about it. My wife's gonna be 31 next month! Ha!

But I know my birthday's not far away when I see it in the Aldi Special Buys:


Tina Fey, if you've googled yourself and found yourself here, I want to tell you now: I love you.

And stop googling yourself, you beautiful, funny woman. It's not healthy.

Forever yours,

Ray xx

so I moved house...

Say hello to my new roomies amy and mark,aren't they lovely?

I'm watching Bring Back Star Wars with the infinitely watchable Justin Lee Collins. I friggin' love that guy.

They just ran a well-placed ad for the new game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

In spite of the well-established fact that George Lucas can't make a good game to save his life, the ad for it looks bloody good!


You might recognize the main character as that dude from Battlestar Galactica. Actually, he makes an appearance in my current favourite game, Soul Calibur 4 - where he and Yoda go at it on the deck of an Imperial Destroyer. Great craic!

And Vader's in it too? Oh, I haven't unlocked him yet.


Jack's back on American TV screens on 23 November, with a feature-length prequel called 24: Redemption.

Here are a couple of tasters for you:

I wonder what's happened to the old idea that Tony comes back from the dead (the planned season 7 before the writer's strike put the whole thing on hold).


Foley and I were out for a pint an I spotted this on the way home

Thanks Peter!


I really, REALLY hate it when actors talk politics. You're an actor. You make popcorn films. You look good and deliver lines someone else has written in a way someone else directs you to. Stop!

That said, here's Matt Damon - if he wasn't an actor I'd agree with a couple of the points he makes.

Actually, Gabriel Byrne was talking to Ryan Tubridy this morning from his bed. I heard it on the bus on the way into work. He was really very good too.


Kanye West was arrested after a row with a photographer in LA...

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mess with Kanye West.

I think it's him in the grey hoodie. Eep!


This interesting ice cap was thrust out to sea after breaking away from a larger formation off the coast of New Foundland.

I've been listening to Adam and Joe's podcasts at the mo, have a look at this clip of their Robert Deniro song from the show years ago, so flippin funny!





Do you want to re-enact your favourite movie scenes? You can with these pulp fiction dolls.



Lovely! Just lovely. Thanks to the ridey Al for the snaps as well.


apple's new toys...

Well here it is folks! I waited for weeks to see what toys I'd want for christmas, and I was very dissapointed :(

First, Mr. Jobs announced lots of iTunes additions that don't really mean anything if you don't live in the US - BUT, they have released a thing called GENIUS. It's a smart add on to iTunes that prepares new playlists for you from your music, based on what you've been listening - so if you're listening to Kanye alot, it'll throw in some Rhianna and some Jay Z - it ALSO suggests music you might want to buy, so it's easier to spend cash!

New Products

4th Generation iPod Nano It comes in 9 colours, it's much taller, but crazy thin! it has a wider 2 inch display, it has that cool trick where if you turn it sideways, the screen flips over, 24 hour battery for music, and a Shake to Shuffle functionality Get them now - 8GB €139.00 - 16GB €189.00

iPod Touch

Released with a few upgrades, for one it's much thinner, but now there's the nike + software in it, which talks to you nike runners and tracks your running and your workouts - pretty cool but... you know.... It also has the Application support so you can download games and cool handy tools
Get them now - 8GB €219.00 - 16GB €279.00 - 32GB €369.00

iPod Classic

Apple have decided to pull back on what they're offering - you used to be able to get up to 160GB iPod Classics, but now you can only get 120GB - THEYRE GOING BACKWARD! Get them now - 120GB €229.00

Oh, and one more thing...they added a few more colours to iPod Nano's.... but then again, no one uses those, cause they're shite...

Piece... Al x

Are you a sad loner like me?

Well, you've got a friend!



I just spotted this pic of Tom Cruise from around 1988 online and I had to share:



More pics from Cois Fharraige...

Diddy's not happy!


Lily Allen and Elton John – catfight!

Tiger Woods – legend!

Noel Gallagher exits - stage left!



Click here to read about 5 Cheap Tricks TV Shows Use To Keep You Watching.

Caution this might ruin your favourite shows...

Have you heard of the Terminator TV series in the states?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is into it's second season over there, with the first new episode on tonight.

And guess who's in it? Shirley Manson of shitting-in-one's-boyfriend's-cornflakes and Garbage fame!

And while I'm on the subject of new US telly, JJ Abram's new show is on tomorrow night: