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Well, it’s been rather quiet around here for the past couple of weeks, hasn’t it? I think the working earlier hours thing has us all knocked out of whack. Normal radio service resumes on Monday, so the blog should pick up pace again from then on.

I was in PC World yesterday. Alone. For an hour and a half. I could spend all day in there, browsing the gadgets. To be fair, I’m not so sad that I spent the full hour and a half in PC World. I was in Harvey Norman for about twenty minutes too.

I spotted (and bought) one of these - if you’re in the market for a small laptop, I couldn't recommend one of these any more:

The Advent 4211.

It's an identical laptop to this, the MSI wind, which has different colours, a shiny case and exactly the same specifications - with a slightly bigger pricetag.


Loaded with XP, an 80gb hard drive, 1gb ram, a 1.6ghz Atom processor and (what I think is) a ten inch screen, it's an absolute dream to use. I've lashed an extra .5gb ram and a 320gb hard drive into it, which has my battery throwing in the towel after two hours - but there are double capacity batteries on the way.

I've owned two EEE PC's - the 701 and the 900, both running XP. Both had the gimpy Celeron processor and super-slow ssd's which meant you couldn't do a whole lot on them. The bigger-screen 900 has held it's own in the screen stakes, but the keyboard is just too bloody small. You can forget typing anything longer than your username on it.

We have a HP Mini Note in work, again with XP on board, and I borrowed that for a couple of days - it's by far the sexiest cheap mini laptop in the world, with lovely big keyboard, screen and metal finish - but it's as slow as shit. The VIA processor just can't hack it. Don't buy one - it's beautiful but will break your heart!

I have a Sony Vaio TZ too - but it's price (fucking stupid money - never again) excludes it from this category. I think it's worth saying that this little cheapy machine more than holds its own against the Sony though.

I'd been looking at the identically spec'd Aspire One from Acer yesterday but that just doesn't look as good as the MSI/Advent - however that's just a matter of taste.

This machine is 379 euro in PC World - or 350+shipping if you get it online (see - or for the MSI, which comes in at 399).




  1. bigtoeknee said...
    ive come to the conclusion Ray..... you're loaded!!! either that or the fact you don't have a car has you free to buy loads toys each month!
    Karen said...
    how many laptops have you got?? i love gadgets myself but i only buy a new item if the previous one manages to break and needs replacing..did the missus roll her eyes when you got home and tut "oh no not another one!"
    Darren said...
    You make me so jealous.

    My EeePC is acting up lately. Maybe I need a new toy...
    Ray said...
    Do it!
    Darren said...
    Ah don't start! I'm far too easily swayed.
    Ray said...
    Dell have one coming out in the new year with Vodafone 3G built-in. Wait for that.

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