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all 'bout the money...

This is a fascinating chart, showing a to-scale graph of how America's tax dollars are going to be spent next year.

Each circle represents an area of spending, coming out of the massive central circle, the federal pot (with the American flag on it).

The massive circle to the left? Department of Defense. The next biggest by the looks of it is The Global War on Terror.




  1. fla said...
    Karen said...
    can't be arsed to look to be honest
    beefcake2000 said...
    moving to the us.setting up weapons manufacturing plant.
    bringing some brown envelopes.
    should be rich by 40.

    but on the negative.
    2 to 3 million killed by us army ,navy and airforce.
    orphaned children.
    fucking the world over for the american way.

    i think i will pass

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