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So the final verdict:

Brand, as you know is gone.

Ross is to be suspended without pay until January.

Their boss, Lesley Douglas, has resigned. She's credited for being the brains behind making Radio 2 the best station in Europe. Gone.

BBC Radio 2 will say sorry.

Yes, they're sorry.

Anyway, I'm done ranting on this. I won't be harping on about it on the radio tomorrow. Because tomorrow IT'S LAZY RADIO! And I'm calling someone's voicemail to tell them I f**ked their granddaughter.



  1. mac_suibhne said...
    I'm surprised at you Foley. You are completely missing the point of this. Yes he showed up in a Bin Laden outfit, but that wasn't illegal. Leaving prank messages is. Leaving obscene messages is also illegal. Are you saying that you condone illegal actions? The BBC certainly doesn’t and has to be seen to take a stand on it. That's why they were suspended, and rightly so. If someone decided to smash a window on your house because they though it would be funny, should they just get away with it because it was humorous? No, they shouldn't.

    And you shouldn't pick and choose your facts. OK Brand might be a random person who could do anything at any time, but what about Ross?

    Even if it wasn't illegal, those messages were a terrible thing to leave on anyone’s machine, never mind a 78 year old that probably never harmed anyone in his life. It's not about political correctness; it's simply a matter of decency.

    Did you ever consider that it took a few days for all this to kick up because of the completely insincere apology that was made and not as you suggest, people jumping on the bandwagon?
    Lottie said...
    1.3 million for 12 weeks work!!!!

    I mean - that's nothing to Ray I'm sure, but it would be nice.
    Ray said...
    Please mac_suibhne, don't be surprised at me.

    As I have already conceded, they made a stupid mistake, said some things they definitely shouldn't have said, and have been called to task over it. How you managed to read that I condone the mistake confuses me.

    My greatest issue is that the BBC bowed to pressure from a audience segment Brand was never supposed to appeal to, rather than stand by their broadcasters.

    Is leaving prank voicemails illegal as you say? Could you be locked up for it? In any case, you're not AT ALL comparing like with like when you suggest it's like someone breaking my window.

    As for me choosing my facts - the programme in question is The Russell Brand Show. The content of the show would be representative of him and his type of style as much as it would be about Ross if Brand was a guest on his show.

    And besides, Ross IS and has always been just the same type of random broadcaster as Brand. From MediaGuardian: "The late Harry Thompson, who was his producer on the BBC sports comedy quiz They Think It's All Over, often said he was left with hardly any material once he had removed Ross's non-broadcastable comments." So my initial rant (what the fuck did the BBC expect?) applies just as much to Ross as it does to Brand.

    Of course I considered and understand that the thoughtless apology offended people - but the complaints are to the BBC about the broadcast after all - and you can't deny that most of that is from people jumping on the bandwagon.

    By the way - and I'm being pedantic here - how do you know that the 78 year-old "never harmed anyone in his life"? Not trying to argue otherwise, but you're making assumptions as much as you're accusing me of picking and choosing my facts. Is that a direct quote from Georgina Baillie/the granddaughter/the Satanic Slut's exclusive interview with The Sun?

    And are prank messages actually illegal?

    @ lottie - lol.
    The Buzz said...
    That's an excellent point Ray.

    "My greatest issue is that the BBC bowed to pressure from a audience segment Brand was never supposed to appeal to, rather than stand by their broadcasters."

    Alot of the complaints that came into the BBC were made AFTER it was splashed all over the media. The majority of complaints were people jumping on the bandwagon.

    And this.. "(what the fuck did the BBC expect?) applies just as much to Ross as it does to Brand."

    Like c'mon. It's Russell Brand for Christ's sake. One of the most controversial comedians out there. They gave him a show on the radio, so they had to know this was gonna happen sooner or later.

    I don't think he should've resigned though. But he'll probably get picked up by an independant station.

    I think Mac Suibhne is trying to pick a fight with ya Ray.
    Brian said...
    Jesus...This is gone all over here!
    DC said...
    Broadcasters on radio have been doing prank calls for years. I know of a few dublin stations that have and a pair over the road that do. Should all these people be thrown of their respective stations too?
    markysparky said...
    and now clarkson is in the shits over comments on lorry drivers p.c gone a bit mad isnt it
    Ciarán said...
    The consequences of the BBC caving into this crowd are now starting to be felt -

    Talksport censorship

    BBC pledges swearing purge

    Also, Georgina Bailie - what an idiot

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