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Warning: rant ahead. I’ve been on YouTube.

I fucking hate celebrities, celebrity, and celebrities' perception of their own celebrity.

I’ve written before about the downfall of humanity, but I should add that our obsession with so-called celebrities is another indication of our direction down the toilet as a society.

Article One:

I have arguments with my wife about OK magazine. I shouldn’t. She freely admits that buying it is stupid, that the contents of it are of no consequence to anyone, and that there are many better things in life to occupy one’s time with. OK magazine infuriates me. It’s so full of Pop Idol and Big Brother failures that when reading it, I need to ask Kate who it is I’m reading about (“Babe, what was she in? Oh, she goes out with Lily Allen’s brother. Right.”) The most annoying thing is finding myself reading it over her shoulder. WHY?! To be fair, my wife is better educated and much smarter than I am and hasn’t bought one in many months (since our last row) but they’re still printing the fucker.

Article Two:

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 16 22.09

The book. Saw it in Tesco this evening.

Could I please tell the papers (not a day goes by at this stage), the publishers, RTÉ, and Gerry himself: I don’t give a shit.

Sorry Gerry. By the way I’m saying this not as an anti-RTÉ, Today FM head, because I actually think Gerry Ryan is exceptionally good at making radio. He sounds like he doesn’t give a shit (when in fact he does) and he gives you a show, solo, for three hours every day and rarely reads a text message*. I know he’s not popular among radio heads, but I just think he’s great. Has been since the first day I heard him. That position gets me into arguments.

But do people care about him flying first-class to New York, his marital situation, his shedload of cash and millionaire buddies? He’s just a bloke, like you and me! He’s not Bono! And Bono’s just a bloke too!

Article Three:

A bunch of celebrities sit down and decide “you know, we totally, like, matter”:

Fuck. Off.


*I hate text messages. Every time I listen to the radio, no matter what station it is, they’re either reading texts, asking for texts or both. Here’s an idea: think of something to say all on your own! THAT’S what you’ve been hired to do! What didi radio presenters do before texting? Of course, there are exceptions – Ray D reads a lot of texts, always has - but most of them are of interest. But just because it works for him doesn’t mean it does for everyone!


  1. MsIncognito said...
    Here, here! Well said!
    BOBBAAAY said...
    ...."god bless you Ray Foley...."
    JaY said...
    Spot on about texts Ray... Ive noticed it myself .... most shows now have no material AT ALL !!!Just full of reading out texts !
    Ann Doyle can read a text... DJ's should DJ !!
    bigtoeknee said...
    a rare rant from the man we know as Foley!!!
    Ray said...
    Conor emailed me - he wants to know why I don't like the Don't Vote ad. I was so vexed I didn't explain fully. So here's my email reply to him:

    I hate the advert. Hate it. I see what they're trying to do, but it just takes itself so fucking seriously it's apalling. It entirely negates what they're trying to do by making you hate them - because they think you love them and you'll do what they tell you. That's their assumption. Fuck off.

    If each of them shot a simple video with a shitty webcam and made an off-the-cuff plea for votes individually then that'd be respectable - but DiCaprio's po-faced earnestness and Halle Berry's SHITE acting just annoyed the shit out of me. Watching it, all I could think of was how important these people think themselves - which is the most disgusting thing about "celebrity". You'll see it in Krystal or Lillies on a Saturday night as people are required to prove their importance to get into the next exclusive area (the one with the Keith Duffy and Eamon Dunphy in it).

    Oh, and any political vid starring Will.I.Am is doomed to fail.

    T cup said...
    oh my god would they ever just fuck off!! i mean they are really putting the final nail in the coffee where we assume all american are stoopid and can be manipulated. "oh leo votes, he's dreamy" i really hope they are not as stupid as this ad makes out.

    just had a scary thought can you image the irish version?? glenda etc. jost vote roight goys, it's sooo impooortaont loike!!

    pure state
    Deedsie said...
    Well Said Ray.
    Kitty Cat said...
    Oh mo Dhia I only got as far as 1.43 on that vid before I couldn't handle any more of that wank. I'm so disappointed that people I like are in it! And the face on Halle Berry and that gobshite in the light blue jumper waving her arms around, do me a favour and go fuck yourselves!
    Roseanna said...
    Passive aggressive five!

    Not to mention the fact that (in my opinion) the issues they bring up, war on drugs/shitty healthcare, are caused as an almost direct result of the capitalist economic structure of which they, as multi-millionaire celebrities, are proponents of. Why not make a meaningful contribution Halle and give 1% of your yearly earnings to a drug detox facility instead of making a pathetically patronising terribly acted trite video clip. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    P.S. Just a bit of fun for your lunchtime
    John K said...
    Man they really are there own worst enemies. That would have to be the worlds worst torture method! Imagine having to listen to that shite for hours on end!!
    I'd confess after a few mins....
    Pat Kenny said...
    Let's all register to vote for Ray Foley for something.
    Paul said...
    Well said Ray! The end of the Celtic Tiger may take the shine off a lot of this celebrity gazing and make people look at their own little world.

    Tom Roscoe said...
    Well said Ray. Actually, while you mention self important celebrities - I had a gander at Gerry Ryan's book (the mothers a fan) and MY GOD, but the man LOVES himself. Have you read it?

    I think a line of dialogue in this comic pretty much sums it up. I mean, I do enjoy his show every now and then but Jesus H. he just comes across as a sanctimonious bore.
    Ciarán said...
    100% agree with you Ray, I heard some guy on BBC ad the other day saying that we live in a decadent culture & hence the worship of celebrity...perhaps
    Darren said...
    Great post, Sir! I don't hate celebs as much as all that, but I have to agree with everything you wrote.

    Also, I don't get the whole celeb obsession thing. I was somewhat star struck when I had a meeting with Gay Byrne (I grew up watching him) and I was in awe when I saw Tom Waits (such an imposing presence), but beyond that, no public figure has given me reason to drop my jaw. It's not something I understand.
    Jolly said...

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