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jay. ziss...

A night at the Laughter Lounge is one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday pissup. A good laugh (usually), a few beers, and the chance to be an armchair critic (slash/ bitch) when it comes to the comedians.

When I was in college, me JP and our good buddy Dermot Keyes (aka Keyser) would go there - when it still looked like a cinema. It's brilliant: Comedian comes on, talks funny for a few minutes, then takes a break. Everyone runs to the bar and orders three drinks (for fear of not getting another break) and the next guy comes on. He does his set, then there's another break, when every bloke in the place runs for the jacks, because they've drank all the booze they bought in the last break and have been too scared to go for a piss during the set, just in case they get slagged off by the guy on stage.

I'll never forget one interval when it was the old Laughter Lounge when I was washing my hands at the sink. The place was rammed - all of the urinals and cubicles were full, and there was a queue of lads out the door waiting for a slash. As I was rinsing, a dark, murky liquid started bubbling up the plughole in the sink. It was the collective urine of the gentlemen next to me. Now that's teamwork!

The place was closed for a long time and has had a complete refit - the old cinema look (which I loved and really miss) is gone, but there's no piss in the sink in the jacks anymore. Don't miss that. Actually, the urinals are very cool now. I'm not messing. If you're ever in there, do go and have a look. Or better yet, i'll just take a pic when I'm in there again.

Anyway, after they reopened, we all went along on one of the opening nights, and a guy I'd never seen before was on - Paddy Courtney. He was MC-ing and he took the piss out of his homeplace, Coolock (where I live) a lot. I thought he was a funny fucker, with none of the usual bollocks you'd see with the big-name Irish comedians. I don't mean that in a bad way. Anyway, the point is, I think he's great.

Much time has passed since, and I started going to the gym, with my personal trainer Dave, who, with it being the small world it is, used to train the one and the same Paddy Courtney. So, Paddy was in the other day with the Darcy show, and we traded Dave stories... there aren't many. he trains. And he's short. That's it.

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I got this email from Paddy this morning:

Comedians and the like usually have little bets with each other to do different things on stage good and bad that is not usually paert of their set.

I won this bet last night in the Laughter Lounge

Cheers dudes,


Cool! Although they could've been a bit more enthusiastic. I did win a fucking Meteor after all.

I was actually in the Laughter Lounge on Saturday night for Kate's birthday. I don't recommend the all-you-can-eat Chinese next door, and I do recommend staying for the DJ afterward. Classic 90's dance? Yes please. But they close the bar way too early. You've been warned.



  1. JJ_Irl said...
    Listening to the start of the show today and in bits laughing... you do better lazy radio than anyone else broadcasting at the moment Foley!

    Laughter Lounge is nothing compared to the International, even if it tiny the standard of comedy is far superior on Wicklow St. And that coming from a Northsider is painful to have to admit.

    Good story though, a small bit of vomit rose to my throat at the sink filling up with piss. Classy!
    beefcake2000 said...
    ray i used to be a doorman in spirit on abbey street.they moved the laughter lounge there during the refit.i met paddy on several occassions.great guy and a real gentleman.i think i met you and jp there on a spin night out.i would have been the guy bottom of the stairs to the vip lounge.

    stopped darcy there once for wearing dodgy denim jacket and jeans.
    Margo said...
    Ah Paddy is only brilliant and a great actor to boot. Proud to say I worked with him yayy!

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