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mccauley said I look like this fella...

after i left a post of me and B man Harvey at the East 17 gig, McCauley pointed out in one of the comments out I look like Chris Evans.

No shit.

here's me and him at the Ireland England Rugby match last year.
And here's me and Tom Cruise a few years back
And here I am making a commercial for a well known chocolate bar.

The Milky bars are on me bitches...

Oh, and I look NOTHING like Prince Harry and Gavin Lamb Murphy, alright?




  1. McAuley said...
    Oh Al....can't we all just be friends??

    Ha Ha Ha I didnt realise you were so touchy about it!! In the photo of you and Chris last year, your hair looks a lot more of a 'blonde' that the fiery orange shade in the East 17 pic....

    By the way, it's McAuley - just the one C thanks! (I do get a bit touchy bout that :D)
    ID please! said...
    i see a bitch fight starting...haha!
    jamiedoozer said...
    ALAN son - you big Scientologist!

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