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the rumours are true...

Tom Jones CAN rap! This song popped into my head today, I found it on YouTube and i've played it about 4 times now. There has to be something wrong with me, I actually love it. I'm not ashamed to say it! Well, maybe I'm a little ashamed. No screw it, I love it! Check out his slick "walk" dance. And the slightly sickening hip grind at the start. Mmmmm.

I love you Tom Jones.



  1. Gareth said...
    Jaysus!!! What a tune! I had completely forgotten about that. Well done. Going on the Ipod stat!
    Shauna said...
    Aaaaah!! I love Tom Jones!

    Especially his more "modern classics" such as "Burning Down the House" with the Cardigans and the unforgetable (slightly sleazy but it's Tom so it's ok) Sex Bomb!

    This song is amazing. I love the walk/dance and I admire him for wearing more make up than I do.

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