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sunday shouting…

Do you remember when MTV used to play music? Some of you may be too young, but I do. I’ll never forget the first few months after we got cable into our house in Mayo and I was glued to MTV… one of the tunes they used to play on the dancefloor chart was this:

Fcukin’ class! I want to play it today.



  1. Paul said...
    MTV? You had Sky? Did your family have substantial wealth?
    Ray said...
    No - it was CMI cable that arrived in Ballina on the cheap in the mid-90's. It was only really in the town for a good while.

    Wasn't as expensive as Sky, but the service was total shite. It would be off as much as it was on. MTV was part of the basic package.

    Used to watch that weird show presented by Ed Byrne and/or Sara Cox. I remember Davina on Hanging Out and that up-himself Italian guy. Was his name Donatello or something?
    JaY said...
    Ah heres one for ya... remember MT USA ??? on RTE ?? Those were the days :)

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