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would ya look at the cut of him..

So jizzle and I hit the driving range last night...I never said
anything about fancy dress,but JP decided to dress like a SKOBIE.

free fleece - $0
free tracky b's -$0

Wearing shoes with the above - priceless


  1. McAuley said...
    Al, I think if you would describe those as shoes, it is you that is the skobie!

    They are clearly not shoes......

    That doesnt detract from JP's appearance which is still shocking it must be said. Pull yourself together JP.
    bigtoeknee said...
    Nice bag!! i have the same in blue! Please tell me he did hit balls in those shoes!!!??? i presume he brought his golf shoes!!! Has he corrected his slice?? 4!!!!!!!!!!
    jamiedoozer said...
    At the range without me! I need a nixer to pay the bills, i'll give u guys half price on lessons.

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