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We had a right laugh with the boys from The Feeling on Friday.


Nuff said.



Man, I look like I was dragged backwards through a bush! What a sound lad.


13 out of fifteen.

Sorry dude.


the baxter...

Debi Flynn won a competition to have Tom Baxter play a private gig in her house yesterday.

Have a gander:

TOM BAXTER - Better - live on MUZU.

Several months back, we got a song in from a group/artist/outfit known as Pendulum.

I had heard of them a few years ago – I loved their tune, Slam – especially the video for it.

Anyway, they released this new song, Propane Nightmares and prior to the release it landed on my desk. I listened to it, and thought it was the biggest bag of shite I’d ever heard, so we didn’t play it.

Then the day before yesterday I was in HMV and they had a rocky/dance tune blaring on their speakers. I wasn’t really paying attention until I found myself nodding/tapping along and thinking “this is good, what the hell is it?” And I realized: It’s that song.

And now I can’t get enough of it. It’s on repeat on the iPod ever since.

JP utterly hates it, so it won’t be on the radio.


I love The Onion. It’s must-watch-stuff. And occasionally, when you hear it regurgitated on the radio, must-listen-stuff:


she's gorgeous AND she's funny...

I love you Hayden…

Al xxx

(EDIT: Deleted unnecessary repeat that screwed up the site formatting. Because Al’s a douchebag - Ray)

I love Kevin Smith.

I was talking yesterday about Will Smith and Kevin Smith, no relation.

It all started when we mentioned that Smith's son, Jaden, is set to appear in a karate kid remake. I noted that wee Jaden appeared in the album version of his dad's song, Wild Wild West, which featured in the movie of the same name. Then I played a bit of the song, then mentioned that you should take a look at An Evening With Kevin Smith, where he tells a story that links in with Wild Wild West.

Well, here it is:

He loves his audience and they love him.


I've been harping on about it for weeks now and someone else has picked up on it too.

Check out Red Lemonade's Diary of a Secretary.

My favourite bit? The dirty look Jane gives the poor bastards in week eight.

I saw that too and thought "wow - she's in a mood today."

Excellent blog.


The man bra is here!

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 19 14.13


oh good god...

Ed in work just sent me this link - he's some guy called Tiny Tim, apparently big in the sixties, and I swear to god it's the creepiest thing i've ever seen...

Also, doesn't he kinda look like the little blonde weird girl in Skins? No, just me? Ok.

But anyway. Who is this guy? Does everyone know about him? What's going on?


Not the hairy fruit. That's me on the right.


12 out of 15!


Big up to CiarĂ¡n Daly, who dropped me a line to show me this, the real West Wing.

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 18 10.18

It’s from the Washington Post. Cool.

See where the president’s study is? That’s Leo’s office! And Mrs Landingham sits there at number 2.

There’s an even better one from The Guardian here (pdf).


ahhhh the autumn interntaionals...

Is there anything better than wrapping up warm in the cusack with hot
whiskey and screaming fans?!

Hopefully not getting ass whipped would be nice I suppose...


insert funny title here...

Tee hee hee...

Al xxx

When I'm not googling myself to read messageboards saying how much of a twat I am, I like to read other people's blogs.

One of my Xbox buddies and all-round good guy is stanzen - and I nicked this vid from his bit of the web.

Have you seen Chopper? With Eric Bana as Mark "Chopper" Read? If not, you should rent it. It's a mad film about a real-life mad guy - even madder is that Eric Bana went on to b a shit Hulk and an even-shitter Paris in Troy. Anyway, if you've seen it, you'll get this:

Interesting story:

A good friend of mine, while on a year-out in Australia, met Mark Read. They were in a Melbourne pub at the time and Chopper was telling Tom (Felle, not that bastard Dunne) that he had written a book about his life story and that it had been made into a film.

Tom had never heard of Read or the book or the film. So he told the hardest man in the Southern Hemisphere to fuck off.




In studio today! He got a total of 12.5 out of 15.

me and jp are shoe shopping...

Is that a bit gay?!

The Wombats were in for the Live Lunch!


Good times!


An image was released of both US presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain with their races reversed. . . weird!

go jo go...


12.5 out of 15!


A county council in Wales had erected a sign that reads in Welsh "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated".The out of office response to the Swansea council was taken as a direct translation of ‘No Entry for heavy goods vehicles’, Residential area Only’ and the sign went up.

Two Canadian comedians called Sarah Palin and pretended to be Nicolas Sarkosy. Yeah, she fell for it.

Don’t they know? Prank calls are ILLEGAL!


Happy Halloween everyone! No trick or treaters came to our door. Very disappointed I was! I even bought in chocolate! Which I'm now getting through myself...

Here's me dressed as a banana for a party last night. Check out my celeb friend! Apparently he was with one of my relations before...