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Happy post-Christmas and pre-New Year to all of you! I hope, like me, you're embracing the Christmas spirit by lazing around REALLY hungover in your pyjamas and eating everything you see. Yes? Good.

This is probably a bit old but I just clicked on it today. I've been YouTubing like a motha bitch now that i don't leave the house unless I'm going out to become more hungover. Natalie Portman doing funny rough rapping! Hilarious.



Ho, ho, bloody ho.

I trust you had a good Chrimbo?

I've spent the last two days on the couch, untangling a massive furball of cables, leads and wires that's been living on the floor of my study/playroom for the past six months. Seriously, I forgot there was a carpet under there.

You see, when you waste your dough on so many useless gadgets as I do, the excess wires tend to build up. Think about it: if you buy a point-and-shoot camera, you get a little wrist strap, a USB cable, maybe a video cable, a docking station, and a power adapter. Add that up over ten years of stupid "I want that now" spending, chuck all the bits in a heap and you get a life form all of it's own. Like the scary computer/wires/bitch from the Superman film.

It has taken me three movies (Narnia 1, The Golden Compass and Narnia 2) four TV shows (Futurama, Brotherhood, Harry Hill's TV Burp and Star Trek Voyager) and many chocolates (Roses, Scots Clan, Toffee Fingers and Toffee Pennys from Quality Street) several Christmas drinks (Wine, Jack Daniels) to get through it, but I've untangled each cable, tied it up with an elastic band, and but it into a crate, each categorized as follows:

  1. Audio - for headphones, stereo cables, etc.
  2. Video - for component, composite, camera, monitor and tv cables, aerial leads, scart, s-video, dvi, hdmi.
  3. Phones - all the shite bits'n'bobs I've collected with my new phones over the years.
  4. Computer - Any network cables, internal computer cables, isdn connectors.
  5. USB/Firewire.
  6. Power - adapters and power cables.
You may think I'm a sad case, but man, does it feel good looking at the result.

This is the power cable crate. Colour-coded in red.

Isn't she a beauty?



Do you see what I see?

I'm awake and online - so I thought I'd check out

ScreenHunter_06 Dec. 25 00.23

The 3D Google Earth Image is even cooler:

ScreenHunter_07 Dec. 25 00.33

ScreenHunter_08 Dec. 25 00.34


We’re “live”* on the radio tomorrow at four, but from all of us, to you and yours, have a happy Christmas and a just-as-happy new year.



*Totally recorded.

christmas specials...

Don’t you just love this time of year? The gifts, the love, the family… that’s all rubbish.

The best bit about Christmas is the replays of all the old Christmas specials from when you were a kid. Ray, Jippers and I were just watching this:

What a genius… Hopefully they’ll show some of good old Les on the box. Maybe some of the Two Ronnies?


And last but not least, Morcombe and Wise:

Merry Christmas Everyone… Love You.

Al xxx

So I took the little lady to see Coldplay tonight.

I wasn't there to see Chris'n'thaboyz (as Fentony would say) so much as to see the arena, and by Jesus was it a cool venue. You'll inevitably see it yourself someday soon, so there's no need for me to spoil it for you.

Saw Danny from The Script a few rows back from me. Someone was having their photo taken with him and he was doing that "aha! How are ya? I don't know you but I'm being polite!" thing with them. A couple of other people were waiting to have their photo taken too. A young wan behind me said "dere's yer man from de Script" her mate asked "which wan?" to which she replied "yer man in da ledder jackeh - he weers ih in da video - beh he never takes ih off." I threw my eyes to heaven and turned back to face the stage. Looked back at Danny thirty seconds later and there was a mob of people waiting for a photo and, to be fair to him, he was still playing mister nice guy. Poor bastard.

I took some photos and some videos on my phone. When my phone battery died, I used my wife's. Click on any of the images below to see them in full-size:

22122008195 22122008196 22122008197 22122008198 22122008199 22122008200  22122008202 22122008203 22122008204 22122008205 22122008206 22122008207 


22122008214  22122008216  22122008218 22122008219  22122008221

Towards the end, there was a massive X-Factor finale where millions of paper butterflies came floating to the ground:

Image025 Image029Image026 Image028

Two landed in my pint.

And the clips:


They're playing right next to us.



Finally: they're on stage.


They just turned on the lights to tell us which way to run if there's a fire.

Gave me a chance to check out the crowd.


I'm in the O2 for the first time and it's pretty bloody amazing.


The support DJ is on.

He's not very Coldplay.


Following on from Friday's Live Lunch, I've been lookign at The Script being interviewed in other places.

Lily Savage:

And this dude:

And check this out: "BACK HOME IN ENGLAND?!?!?!"


ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 22 01.22

Every year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command do this online Santa tracker, and they've added Google Earth compatibility this year.

ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 22 01.24

Check it all out here, on


From Bebo:

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 20 23.43

Just aaah- bit a fun for your lunchtime, nothin' too serious.

Ray Foley, You're A Pup.

We love it, we absolutely love it!

Ray Foley: God Bless You.

Goooood Aftahnoonsah!

I'd just like to let you know I'm reporting you and your stupid ignorant show to the, eh, watchdog on discrimination in media b-b-broadcasting society.

He's funny. He's brilliant.


Peace and love, peace and love.

Ray Foley is here with us today.


Oh, and Ray? Love the show.


Some stuff from The Script yesterday:


The Script!

I know I always say this, but that was f**king class!




Video bits on the way over the weekend.

Just a great craic day.


i heart justin...

Not Hawkins you sillies! Timberlake. He's actually really funny.

Look at the new Beyoncé vid:

Now look at the SNL skit with Justin:




The Futureheads were in - they did The Beginning of The Twist.


Great fellas!



I frickin’ love this:

It’s from this:

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 17 12.51

It’s so nice to be blogging again.



God, weren't you just sick clicking back here, just to see Alan's shite post with the awful grammar, bitching about Diana Vickers with the weird captain hook picture that I don't understand?


I know I was - even though I hadn't written a word, I'd still check in. And I'd always be pissed off that nothing new was there.

Well, that's all over now. I've just vomited three weeks worth of blogging onto the web and it's all below for you (and me) to ingest as you (and I) please.

And tomorrow? Another video update!


We've had a massive response to this. But it's not too late to get your name in the hat.

ScreenHunter_06 Dec. 16 22.01

The Script are live from Dublin city centre on Friday afternoon for the Christmas Live Lunch.

It's all happening here.

You wanna come? Wanna bring a friend? Fill out the application form here.




Have you heard of wix?

It's another of these web 2.0 things that's gonna revolutionize the way we use the internet and it's pretty special. Basically, it's web design for idiots. I don't mean in the bebo or myspace us-the-simple template we tell you to use or go away design sense - you can actually make some really cool looking stuff.

I've been cooking up a forwarding page for on it:


Cool huh? I like blue. See, I'm colourblind and it's one of the few colours I definitely know. That's why I always wear blue clothes.

That's just a single page, but you can make entire sites from it - I've been playing with it for days and it's great. Expect an all new website made entirely from wix at some stage in the future. Like, 2012. The best bit? It's free.




For some reason, we refuse to pronounce the word Fred properly.

We always have to say it as Jonathan Ross.

Yeah, hilarious.

Anyway, another Friday, another Christmas cracker - last Friday was "All I Want For Christmas Is You".


They're just a gweat bunch of mewwymakers!



ScreenHunter_05 Dec. 16 21.49

So, there I was in work, just doing my thing, shiteing on about nothing important, when who walks into the studio? Only Sam Sparro!


Yeah! Sam bloody Sparro!

He was in last week for a song and a chat - he did Black and Gold absolutely perfectly. It was phenomenal. Honourable mention for Gav, who does all the mixing of the live music we do in Today FM. If you listen to live music on other stations you won't hear it sound like the stuff he makes.

I like his website.


Quick photo roundup of our Apprentice guests over the weeks we've been on the blink:

Stuart and Orla hit the road on the same night.



And, as you know by now - Nikki and Brenda (I don't take no shit) in the final. I was a Brenda guy all the way, and she well and truly deserved to win it. But Nikki was a spectacular second place.