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Isn’t he a sexy boy? He made this. CLICK HERE.

I keep listening to it on repeat and pissing myself every time. The carpet’s a mess.

It’s the bit exactly 45 seconds in, where they talk about the recession.

“You have to laugh, or you cry really, don’t you?”

Very funny bugger.


Isn’t Christopher Walken a legend?





And so, it begins...


Send the code:



085 7 11 44 44

Yes We Can.


It was farmer's walk today:

And some snaps:

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I'm a big fan of Google. Sure, they'll own all of my info and try to take over the world with it someday, but in the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy their cool little web services.

I've been a sometime-user of gmail and google docs (as well as blogger and youtube) and particularly like the docs feature that allows you access and edit your items offline. Basically if you have a laptop and are online, you can upload a document or start a new one within your web browser - see - and work away on it. Any changes you EVER make to that document will be saved. So you can revert back to a saved version from weeks ago, and you'll never lose a document again.

But here comes the offline-sweetness. If you only have internet access at work, you can take your laptop home, where there's no internet, edit your documents, and when you go back into work and online again, the changes will be saved. You'll always have your stuff.

Cool huh?

And the best news I've heard all day: it's now available on gmail!


So you can reply to emails, edit, delete, archive them on your laptop while you have no internet access and changes will be reflected as soon as you go back online again.

Pretty cool if you only get your lappy online once a day.


I'm told the done-thing is to "follow" other, like-minded nerds on twitter.

So, I see I have 69 (huh, huh) people following me, and I must reciprocate in the following.

So, I start clicking away (no, there's no easy option to select all, like bebo - sods) when this appears:

Picture 4 

That's it. Me and the internet are fighting again.


Well, I'm back online again. I don't know, sometimes I just lose all interest and enthusiasm for the internet. I could go a couple of weeks at a time without even thinking about blogging and then I'll splurge my web-muck online over a few days.

I'd like to say that today is the first of many posts over the next few days but it's not: I'm moving out of my house for a week or two so the big, strong men can come in and sort it out once and for all. We've been living here for years, but the place is in a shit, so we're finally biting the bullet and getting the place insulated and panted, getting a couple of new floors put down, a lick of paint and an attic conversion.

I'm not looking forward to it, since it looks like a logistical nightmare, working out where to put our stuff as the work is carried out - and it'll mean even less time for blogging.

That said, I'm installing wireless broadband in my father-in-law's house next week, so I'll be online and it'll probably mean more posts than ever.

Meantime, I'm hopping back on the twitter bandwagon again (completely copying Ross & Fry) and giving it a proper go this time

.Picture 2

If you're interested, it's at the right-hand-side of this page. It'll be mostly bollocks.

And did I mention? We have a wee podcast!

Picture 3

Get it on iTunes or but be warned: it's pretty loose.

We're playing with this new thing of talking about whatever comes into our heads, for as long as we want, as it comes into our heads. It's extremely liberating just talking about shit the way we talk off the radio, and being able to say whatever we want without needing to keep it short, take an ad break, or play another song from Scouting For Girls. That said, it's a load of shite at times too, but that's all subjective.

Keep well, y'all.


I’ve just spent the last couple of hours watching this:


I love you, Pegg. I loved you back in college in Spaced. I love seeing you in any panel comedy show on British telly, and the Edgar Wright flicks with Nick Frost are just great. I will always love you, in spite of what I’m about to type.

But fuck you.


those krazy kats at kadburys...

kkk...will that get me in trouble?


a new glass half full production - loves it!





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Looking through my honeymoon photos last night and I forgot I had taken this pic. It was an actual sign on a bathroom in Guatemala…




plant one on me...

My friend Shauna (who works here) is looking around at houses on at the moment, and came across this particular one... They say some greenery brightens up a house - but it seems we've got some comedians at work here - whoever took the pics for the house decided to stick in a plant - the same plant - in every room! Brilliant...

Check it out:

I love you.

Ann. x

(P.s. I don't know who the dude is in the pic. But I think you'll agree he looks like FANTASTIC craic!)

last chance…

To mock him …



But a woman is!

I’ve discovered where the lineage of Adele’s began and it was far far away from here..

This is Adele Island off the coast of New Zealand

Adele Island

Google map here.

Sweet … I’m an island!

So you’ve probably heard us on about this wee challenge JP and I have between us, to get in shape for the new year.

Trainer Dave is on board and will be grading us each week in a range of areas, depending on the type of training we’re doing.

This evening, in the pissing rain in Clontarf, it was the sled:

And apologies for the poor quality on this, but I’m playing with a new video editor at the moment and it’s screwing with the sound. You can just about watch the Foley train here:

How’d we do? Find out on the show tomorrow.




there are no words...

I came here to win the Super Broker shuffle!


ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 08 11.10


Have you ever wondered what the love child of Hollywoods newest couple George Clooney and Paris Hilton might look like?? No, neither did we! But Conan O'Brien did and its not pretty...

So here's George...

And Paris...

And how their offspring might look ...


paul rudd in studio...

What a nice guy!


In podcasting news...

Picture 2

That's alright for a second day back!


Remember that blank page yesterday?

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 05 17.59

A year or more ago I bought a Trust USB 100-V2 Wireless Tablet. One of these:


It's basically a pen that lets you write on your computer without totally ruining your lcd screen with permanent marker. I used it like, twice, then dumped it in a box somewhere. I found it yesterday, so...

ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 05 18.06

To think that people say I'm childish.


ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 05 17.47  

I'm a radio presenter, not a comedian. Sometimes we say funny shit and most times we just say shit. Actually, there's a longer blog post in me about comedians and radio presenters, but I'm just back from the gym and too jaded to write it. I'll get it written this week though.

By the way, the podcasts are back - this time, for good. Click on subscribe in iTunes to get the latest.


ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 05 00.55 

Back on the wireless at 12 midday.

I'm awake, and I'll admit: a bit nervous. I haven't been off work this long since I got married.