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Back on the wireless at 12 midday.

I'm awake, and I'll admit: a bit nervous. I haven't been off work this long since I got married.



  1. McAuley said...
    What have you got cooked up for the show Foley?!

    Exciting wild new material? I look forward to it :)
    Matt said...
    Woooo Podcasts are go!!!

    You better make them as funny as before Foley!
    Also missed a bit of the show today, where'd Adelle pop off to?
    bigtoeknee said...
    why are you worried Ray... You've probably paid off you're mortgage by now!!?? With your big salary... I hear woodies DIY are hiring... Free green T shirt!!!!!
    JJ_Irl said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    JJ_Irl said...
    Downloading podcast now... stunned by the fact that you bothered... you should take huge holidays more often ;-)

    Ray, what you think of the rumoured ban on DJs talking (or doing anything other than playing songs) on that station lower down the dial that people don't listen to?

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