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good google news...

I'm a big fan of Google. Sure, they'll own all of my info and try to take over the world with it someday, but in the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy their cool little web services.

I've been a sometime-user of gmail and google docs (as well as blogger and youtube) and particularly like the docs feature that allows you access and edit your items offline. Basically if you have a laptop and are online, you can upload a document or start a new one within your web browser - see - and work away on it. Any changes you EVER make to that document will be saved. So you can revert back to a saved version from weeks ago, and you'll never lose a document again.

But here comes the offline-sweetness. If you only have internet access at work, you can take your laptop home, where there's no internet, edit your documents, and when you go back into work and online again, the changes will be saved. You'll always have your stuff.

Cool huh?

And the best news I've heard all day: it's now available on gmail!


So you can reply to emails, edit, delete, archive them on your laptop while you have no internet access and changes will be reflected as soon as you go back online again.

Pretty cool if you only get your lappy online once a day.


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  1. Dylan said...
    I've been using hotmail for years, I'm going to switch to gmail because it's such a pain that I can only see my emails when online, this sounds much better.

    rc planes man

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