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pex factor part 1…

So you’ve probably heard us on about this wee challenge JP and I have between us, to get in shape for the new year.

Trainer Dave is on board and will be grading us each week in a range of areas, depending on the type of training we’re doing.

This evening, in the pissing rain in Clontarf, it was the sled:

And apologies for the poor quality on this, but I’m playing with a new video editor at the moment and it’s screwing with the sound. You can just about watch the Foley train here:

How’d we do? Find out on the show tomorrow.



  1. Conor said...
    It must have been killing you pair having that fantastic Indian restaurant in the background as you worked out!
    bigtoeknee said...
    I think Ray should try play golf next!!! It's only fair
    JJ_Irl said...
    All aboard the Foley train!!!

    I already hate Dave and he's not making me run anywhere :-)

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