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ea sports launch pics...

Some pics from the EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis event, held in Tripod last Thursday...




This is EXACTLY how I would act if I met uber ride Shia LaBeouf...


does anyone actually give a funk...

Firstly, Hello!

I haven't posted in ages - no excuses, I'm just a dickhead. So I've decided to get back to sticking up inane and unimportant nonsense that I come across, all while trying to piss Foley off with my poor blog grammar and etiquette.

And so to Funky Fone Boy Al's first Musing... Twitter - does anyone give a shiznit? I mean this week I have tweeted about my lunch, walking to the O2 store, playing an iPhone game against Foley, and the fact that I am an Origami Master when it comes to making shirts out of 5 euro notes. Now, I'm no Stephen Fry (Gay and fat jokes on a postcard to the usual address...), but none the less, does anyone care what I or You or Foley or Fry do when We go about my daily mundanities? Only for the fact I often Post with photos of a good looking girl I work with, I reckon I'd have no followers at all.

Anyways, come tweet with me ( - if it turns out to be interesting, maybe we could form a travelling family folk band or something...

And just so this post isn't TOO, well, pointless? Here's a photo of a Giraffe Drinking... Seemingly, if they bend their neck for too long, they pass out! So instead, they do a weird gammy kind of splits... love it...

Al xxx

the king...

paper tossers...

So foley and I have been playing papertoss - a free game for the
iPhone and iPod touch... After lots of wasted hours, I hold the high
score at 41... Any nerds wanna take the challenge?!

park life


ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 24 17.27

The Ray Foley show wants to take you out for the night!


This Thursday evening, June 25th, along with EA Grand Slam tennis, we want to take you and a friend to the Grand Slam Tennis Event in Tripod, Dublin.

(You must be over 18)

Ray will be there and you can match your Wii tennis skills to his, while enjoying some refreshments.

Are you over 18, in Dublin, with a friend to bring along? Just email with your name and number we'll get back to you with ticket details.

Also tune into the show today where you could win a Copy of Grand Slam Tennis for the Nintendo Wii PLUS a Nintendo Wii Console.



too cute for words...



black eyed perez...

Perez Hilton has told the cyber world that the Black Eyed Peas' manager (Polo) assaulted him in Canada...

Clicky here for the full statement from Mr. H himself...

I dunno. Maybe the manager was just pissed off that he was in Canada?



hammer time...

I really want to dance after watching this! I wish I could dance like MC Hammer.


This week on the big show we’re giving you the chance to come to New York with us.

I just want to go to The Colbert Report live in NYC. He got his hair cut lately:

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Stephen Gets His Hair Cut
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Stephen Colbert in Iraq



ScreenHunter_13 Jun. 17 18.00 ScreenHunter_11 Jun. 17 17.59 ScreenHunter_12 Jun. 17 17.59

And the funniest yet:

ScreenHunter_10 Jun. 17 17.58


Do you have a webcam?

Do you have a printer?

If so, get over to the Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen website where you can play with a cool piece of image-recognition software.

First, you print off a page with a symbol on it:

ScreenHunter_08 Jun. 16 16.42

And when the symbol is in clear view to your webcam, Bumblebee appears in 3D on the screen!

ScreenHunter_09 Jun. 16 16.43

I won't tell you what happens next, but it's very cool. As you move the page around, the Bumblebee moves around with it.

Head on over to the webpage here:



Trevor forwarded these in…

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 15 17.34

ScreenHunter_06 Jun. 15 17.35

ScreenHunter_07 Jun. 15 17.35

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 15 17.34 

And my personal favourite:

ScreenHunter_08 Jun. 15 17.36


We were on about this in the podcast today:


This is Pat, the Today FM technical boss.

He’s in a new film:


We went to Take That last night. I’m taking antihistamines so I was totally wiped out, with my hayfever eyes hanging out of my head – but it was a cracking gig.

We got seats in the Cusack Stand – area 304, which was a great spot.ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 14 15.26

The crowd (mostly ladies) were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I believe it was the biggest gig on their tour, and you could tell that the lads were blown away by the response they got.

Took a few snaps, click “View Full Album”:



Gundam is a totally other language to me – along with Little Kitty, Naruto, Dragonball and everything else Japanese (except Wagamama) I just have no interest. From what I can gather, it’s kinda like Transformers.

But this is cool.

They’ve built a massive frickin’ robot in Tokyo! And it looks class at night:

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 14 15.17

What? You wanted more? It’s the weekend. Leeme alone.


I look like I’m suffering from a serious illness:

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 12 15.39

I don’t look that bad now since I’ve been off on holidays but my God, if you have kids, don’t let them stay up late tonight.

TV3 tonight, 10pm.

For preview clips, click here.


ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 11 22.10

Prototype is out tomorrow:

I called into XtraVision on the way home but, although I begged, the dude can't sell it to me until the morning.


Ah well, back to inFamous then.

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 11 22.11

3.5 out of 5, by the way


Archos - the people who make very good media players - have just announced a damn sexy new machine.

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 11 21.42

From Engadget:

It's... a nine-inch Windows 7 tablet. It's basically a netbook in tablet form, with an Atom Z515 processor, 80GB disk, Bluetooth, and dual DVB-T antennas -- yep, Archos has brought back the UMPC. No word on pricing or availability yet, we'll let you know.

For 450 euro, which I'll start saving now. More detailed specs here. CLICKY!

Seriously, I'm in love. I've already put Windows 7 on my laptop and it's damn near perfect. Like, Apple perfect. And like Apple, everything just... works! Windows finally got this one right.

Actually, on the subject of Archos, if you are a TV-show downloader, I can't recommend them highly enough. Like a fool, a couple of years ago I paid through the nose for an Archos 504 multimedia player (click for YouTube clip) and this puppy plays everything. I lost the bastard last week on holidays so I'd been shopping around for another - it's not the latest model, so it's now a third the price I paid for it originally.

Anyway, I got a good-as-brand-new one at a f**king amazing price on ebay, from these people:

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 11 21.56

They're Irish-based, they're fast, the product is great, and the price is right.

Click the image to go straight to their ebay shop. FYI, I'm not getting free shit from them and I don't know anyone involved in the company, but when you get them, it's worth sharing good experiences I think.


Ruth Moloney emailed us:


JP continues his domination of all radio shows!!
Rick O' Shea just said that he spotted JP on Grafton Street during his outside broadcast! Ray D'arcy in the morning, jumping channels to 2FM in afternoon - that man is EVERYWHERE!!!


Thank you for bringing this contractual infraction to my attention, eagle-ears Ruth.

We got the audio, and JP insists he only saw Rick at the last possible moment – and he didn’t want to annoy him since he was on the air. I think it would’ve been cool if he’d stopped, said hello and had the craic with him, but he says he didn’t know if Rick would be up for it.

Check it out – as usual, copyright RTE 2FM, etc.

Kudos to Rick for the mention.



From the BBC:

A man got the shock of his life when he opened a loaf of bread and found a whole mouse inside.

North Antrim Magistrates Court heard how a man purchased a Hyndman's malt loaf from a supermarket in the Ballymoney area before Christmas 2007.

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 11 11.07

Check it out here. Clicky!



Thousands of people across the country have been going online all morning to catch a glimpse of Ray D’arcy’s willy.

There has been outrage and consternation that it’s not visible, both because the website keeps crashing and because Ray is barely visible in the trees.

Well, let’s just everybody relax. Thanks to the magic of photoshop and The Ray Foley Show, you can see the zoomed-in closeup shot right now.

Just click here!



It’s all kicking off in Los Angeles this week at the E3 conference, where Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and a number of the bigger game developers are showing off what they’ll be hawking to us in the next twelve months.

It appears to me that both Microsoft and Sony have been enviously eyeing up Nintendo’s motion-recognition, and have sent their boffins off to make the same, but better.

NATAL, the project name for motion-detection on the Xbox 360 looks like this. I want to smack that dad when he’s doing the pit stop.

Other points of particular not from the Xbox announcements was The Beatles: Rock Band, and a new Metal Gear Solid game – a first for the 360. Apparently it’ll be a totally new type of Metal Gear, so let’s hope it’s not a card game.

Sony revealed their own iteration of motion-sensitive gaming, played a demo of God Of War 3 (which looks cool) and announced a new PSP, without the shitty UMD drive on the back. You’ll get your games and movies from the internet or on memory stick from now on.

Nintendo announced Super Mario Galaxy 2, more Wii fit, and a new Metroid game.


Is it a hoax? I can't tell. Either way, it makes for awkward viewing. Enjoy!