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Artist Willi Dorner is causing a stir in towns and cities across the world by squeezing gangs of human bodies into nooks and crannies in public areas... Why though?

what are microsoft doing?

A photo from the Microsoft site...

one from the american site... one from the polish one...

NOTE: Photoshop is NOT made by Microsoft



Hey all – I’m still away in America with the missus. Just arrived back to New York from Las Vegas, where I was just as snap-happy as before.

These are the Vegas strip and the Grand Canyon:

JP and Adelle (remember her?) are back on the radio tomorrow and will be filling-in on the show for this week, while Ann and Al continue filling my podcasting boots. I was listening to it last night after a few beers. It’s enjoyable. But maybe that’s the beers talking.

Then I’m back with the show from Monday 31st when all goes back to normal(ish).

And then it’s bloody September. Shite.


is this the new thing...

This is Al (is he a ginge?)

And this is Ann (is she, ie. me, a dirtbird?)

Confused? Listen to our new podcast, which we're starting now that Foley's on hols. Same deal as the Ray Foley Show one, with less good stuff and more vulgarity.

Download it! NOW!! On iTunes or Or you can email us at!

Ignore the other email given in the first couple of podcasts. It turns out that I, Ann am an eeeeejit and make up random not working email addresses. See?

Ann. (and Al.)

While we’re away, I’ll be uploading pics from the big apple to this Google web album:



We’re all off to America!

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 12 19.03

Thursday’s show is pre-recorded, but we’re pretending it’s live. Ssssh! Don’t tell anyone.

Then on Friday at midday (7am in New York City) we’re very much live and on the air with the big apple experience – from Fitzpatrick’s Hotel Manhattan.


We’re going to New York this week! And in an effort to better understand our hosts for the weekend, we’ve been looking at videos on the internet.

And today we learned: they put dogs in swings over there.

Just listen to them talking about it though.


emma ledden...

The lovely Emma Ledden dropped into studio today to take us through the ins and outs of US hospital drama Grey's Anatomy, as part of The Blagger's Guide...


Is this real?




I know someone who’s on the telly!

ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 06 22.13 

He sparkles just like that in real life. It’s very distracting.

He’s in the Total Xposure final on TV3, and the poor bastard really wants this job - so if you can spare him a vote or two, here are the details:

Call 1513 712 302

Or text SEAN to 53307

It’s a premium rate, but you can afford to vote just the once. Hey, it’s for charity. And if he gets the job, he might introduce me to GLENDA!



OK, so we have won the AC/DC signed guitar – and everyone is emailing and texting asking the same question:

Foley, what’s the story with the feckin’ guitar?

Well, I made a couple of calls this afternoon and I’m told the guitar is in Germany as I type and is shipping from there either this weekend or next week. As soon as it arrives, we’ll be told, and we’ll arrange for it to be sent to us in Today FM for a picture, then we’ll call the winner with the good news.

Now, the important bit: the winner has not yet been chosen from the Ray Foley train passengers, so if you signed up, you are still in to win. The raffle will take place as soon as the guitar has landed.

Watch this space and keep an ear on the show.



sean munsanje...

Sean stopped in for a chat today. We want you to vote for him to win Total Xposure and bag a job as an Xposé presenter!

Call 1513 712 302

Or text SEAN to 53307

(please note, it's a premium rate)

Here's Ray and Sean practising their Xposé faces...

the coffee mysteries...

Ray found THIS on his desk the other day...

Not his cup! So he left this note...

Ha ha! That'll learn 'em. But wait, what's this...

What? The cheek... And this one's just taking the piss...

I just got a new Nokia N97! Testing it out here.


We were talking about this in the podcast:

JP is in man-love with Kimmel.




ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 05 15.42


Click the pic for the gallery…

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 05 13.04

Ray are banning Megan Fox for a day and celebrating my favourite Golden Girl, Rose… played by Betty White.

She played the old lady in just about anything there was ever a good old lady in – I especially liked Lake Placid with Brendan Gleeson – and she’s still as pitch perfect as she was with the other golden ladies back in the eighties.

She’s 87 by the way.

These are from William Shatner’s “roast” on Comedy Central.

Roast of William Shatner
Betty White
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games
Roast of William Shatner

Betty White, pt. 2
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games


Want more?


Two-year-old tennis prodigy hailed as future champion… Jonah Ziff is being hailed as a future Wimbledon champion after mastering tennis aged only two.



Yes, I’m a heartless prick, but: